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Many career pathways are open to graduates of Applied Biology on the Schwenningen Campus. The influence of applied biology and biotechnology on business, industry and technology is continually growing. As a result, new fields are constantly opening up for qualified graduates. Specialists in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, environmental protection, biomedical research and related areas are urgently sought-after.

The Applied Biology course curriculum has three areas of specialization – Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Applied Environmental Protection. These and the practical and interdisciplinary orientation of the course mean you are well-prepared for the demands of future employers in these sectors. The Synthetic Biology elective adds a further subject area which plays an important and growing role in the production of drugs and biomedicine. The legal, business and management know-how which you also gain on the programme further improves your career perspectives after you graduate. In short, with a degree in Applied Biology from the Schwenningen Campus of Furtwangen University you have all the skills you need to solve the application-oriented biological and biotechnical problems of today and the future.

Possible career paths

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The following fields offer attractive career opportunities for our graduates:

  • Industrial research and development
  • Production
  • Quality management
  • Product management, marketing, sales
  • Safety management
  • Measurement technology and analytics
  • Clinical/chemical diagnostics
  • Applied environmental protection and environmental engineering

Of course with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology you can also follow an academic career. For this you would have to take a master's degree in the field of biological sciences or a related discipline. Suitable degrees can be taken at Furtwangen University on the Schwenningen Campus or at other universities.

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It is also possible to follow up your bachelor's degree with a master's degree, thus opening up the possibility of an academic career. Suitable master's programmes are offered both at HFU and other universities.

Possible fields of employment

Applied Biology and Biotechnology play an increasingly important role in the economy opening new areas of employment for qualified graduates on a regular basis. You receive a solid broad-based-training which opens employment opportunities for you in many areas including the pharmaceutical industry, the environment, plant and equipment engineering and research.

The first students of Applied Biology will not graduate until Winter Semester 23/24, so in the following table we have posted some of the positions students in our previous programme, Bio and Process Engineering, have posted on XING. However, these only represent a small number of the many possibilities open to you. The curriculum of the Bio and Process Engineering focused more on process engineering and contained fewer biological (human biology, immunology, etc.) and pharmaceutical subjects.

The jobs listed below will give you some idea of the types of work / jobs available to you.

(Source: information on field of work given on XING)

Medical technology firm product development engineer, development engineer, research engineer
Chemical industry head of department
Process engineering sales engineer, process engineer
Biotech firms applications specialist, head of lab, research staff
Pharmaceutical industry process engineer, outside sales, sales coordinator
Research institutes (fields of biomedicine and medical technology) PhD students, research assistants
Foodstuffs industry research assistants
Quality assurance (in various fields) marketing, product development