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Many career pathways are open to graduates of Applied Biology. The influence of biology on business, industry and technology is continually growing. As a result, new fields are constantly opening up, particularly in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, environmental protection, biomedical research and related areas.

The course curriculum with its three areas of specialization – Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Applied Environmental Protection – covers many sub-sectors of these fields. The Synthetic Biology elective adds a further subject area which will play an important role in the future, for example in the production of drugs.

The Applied Biology degree programme with its practical, interdisciplinary orientation, prepares students well for their future working life. In addition to biological and engineering course content, you will also gain the business and legal basics you need to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Possible career paths

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The fields in which our graduates can find employment are varied and offer attractive career opportunities. These include:

  • Research and Development
  • Production
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing/Product Management/Sales
  • Measurement Technology and Analytics
  • Safety Management
  • Clinical/Chemical Diagnostics
  • Environmental Protection
It is also possible to follow up your bachelor's degree with a master's degree, thus opening up the possibility of an academic career. Suitable master's programmes are offered both at HFU and other universities.