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How do I apply for a bachelor's degree programme?

Furtwangen University uses an online application platform for bachelor's degree applications. You can apply there for one or several study programmes.

Internal link opens in the same window:Specific arrangements for foreign nationals

This is how the application process works:

  1. Register on External link opens in a new
    There you will receive your applicant identification number (BID) and the corresponding applicant authentication number (BAN).
  2. Register on the Furtwangen University application portal at and enter your BID and BAN there. Part of your personal and contact data will then be automatically transferred from your registration at
  3. As confirmation you will receive a welcome email with an activation code.
  4. Save your curriculum vitae (CV), university entrance qualification certificate, orientation test, vocational training certificate (if applicable), documents for the selection procedure and university deregistration certificate as PDF files on your PC. You will need these documents later in your application.
  5. Apply at our university. You will be guided through the application process by an assistant.
  6. You can interrupt the application process at any time and resume it later, e.g. if you need to research information. Your previous information will be retained.
  7. You can only edit the application and the relevant information until the point where you finally submit it by clicking on "Submit application". After that, changes can only be made after the application has been withdrawn and the application will not be processed by the university until it is resubmitted.
  8. You can use the "Print Control Sheet" function to check and print all of your entered data.

These dates are important

  1. For the Summer Semester (lectures begin in March): the application deadline was 15 January 2021.
  2. For the upcoming Winter Semester 2021/22 (lectures begin in October)you can apply from 26 April 2021 on.
  3. When the Coordination Phase starts, you may receive offer letters for your applications at any time due to the release of ranking lists and the withdrawal of other applicants. If there is more than one offer, the coordination regulations come into force.
  4. Coordinated Clearing Process
    Study places that remain unfilled after the Coordination Phase, will be allocated in a Coordinated Clearing Process. If you have not received an offer in the Coordination Phase, you will be sent a link by hochschulstart. You have 72 hours to use this link to indicate your wish to participate in the Coordinated Clearing Process for individual study programmes for which you have applied and have not withdrawn your application.