Course projects, internship semester and semester abroad

Course projects

Internship semester and semester abroad (I5051-1)

In the course project, which extends over 2 semesters, students put what they have learned on the course into practice. In most cases, projects are carried out in cooperation with an external partner which gives students valuable real-life experience in the following areas:

  •     Application of project management techniques
  •     Research methods
  •     Academic methods and writing skills
  •     Independent working and teamworking
  •     Networking with potential employers

Examples of projects

The topics of the course projects follow the interdisciplinary themes of the programme. Here are some examples:


Inclusive Design - The kitchen for life

The interdisciplinary project, which was carried out in cooperation with "Der Kreis Anja Schaible Stiftung Leonberg" and Wismar University of Applied Sciences, focuses on how kitchens in terraced houses can be designed so that they are energy-efficient and can be used in all stages of life in a sustainable way. While the students from Wismar who are studying Design and Interior Design worked on the design of innovative concepts and technologies, the HFU students were tasked with identifying typical difficulties caused by disability, illness and old age. The resulting analysis instrument, and the personas and scenarios were used to modify the technical and design plans in the development of the model kitchen.

What impressed the students most was that the theoretical plans could be presented with the kitchen manufacturer in a real model kitchen at the "Living Kitchen" Exhibition. The students from Wismar and the student group from Applied Health Sciences headed by Prof. Dr. König were awarded the 2014 scholarship prize on 20 January 2015.

Further information can be found here:

Interaktive Abschlusspräsentation Kochen.Leben (pdf) (clickable)

"A part of me" - human-technology relationship

The "A Part of Me" project, which was first held in 2016 and has been supplemented by other follow-up projects, focuses on people with technical aids in the area of inclusion and disability. Among other things, the questions of what "disability" means for these people in our society and how they can cope with everyday life with their assistive device are explored. In order to present the results in an expressive way that is easily accessible to all, a photo portrait exhibition was created. In addition to the photos, it also features interview quotes that make the person depicted, their attitude and situation approachable.

The exhibition has already been shown in various institutions and congresses and will be in the future.

Further information: (Video of the first project group)

Applications of mobile information devices in children's oncological rehabilitation

The project group examined how tablet computer and smartphones with suitable applications can be used to improve the care of young people with cognitive problems in a rehabilitation clinic.Together with those involved and affected, they planned and evaluated applications for cognitive training and memory and orientation aids which provide support in everyday life.

Health provision of migrants in Kinzigtal

Many studies have shown that migrants have worse access to the healthcare system. Because this target group is vulnerable, some of which have health issues, it is important to identify health issue priorities and develop suitable solutions.

Using a bottom-up analysis, the project group aimed to create needs-appropriate offers for the target group in order to remove existing barriers to access to the healthcare system and to improve the health situation of the migrants. A German-Turkish healthcare information event has already been held: further measures may be carried out if the project continues.

Dominican Health e.V. - Think about health globally

During a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2017, first contact was made with local doctors and nursing staff who are working to improve health care for poor sections of the population. This commitment was then supported by a student project with the aim of sustainably improving the existing structures. With sustainability in mind, the aim was to enable local workers to bring about changes on their own.

Founded in January 2018, the "Dominican Health e.V. association carries on the goals of the student project. Currently, the focus is on the establishment of an out-patient and in-patient polyclinic in Puerto Plata. In addition to personal commitment and knowledge transfer, hospital equipment is also shipped to the Dominican Republic.

For further information see: External link opens in a new window:

Workplace health management - needs analysis and intervention planning

The number of people with psychological, musculo-skeletal and cardiovascular illnesses has been increasing. Further negative effects for businesses are increased fluctuation or loss of productivity and effectiveness through absenteeism or presenteeism. The importance of workplace health management for businesses has been growing for many years now.

During the student project, which was carried out in cooperation with a Furtwangen company, students looked at the need for health promotion measures in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This was done by means of a needs analysis and a creative workshop with the employees. The result was 4 health promotion measures which have the potential to be successfully implemented into the company.

Internship semester

The aim of the internship semester is to enable students to apply and strengthen the theoretical know-how learned during their course in practical work, e.g. through a project. Students should also develop concrete ideas for their future career and gain ideas for a practically oriented thesis topic.


Lena Weilguni, internship semester at Dementia Support Stuttgart

"During my internship semester I identified my strengths and weaknesses better but above all I was able to work out where my career interests lie."

During her internship at Dementia Support Stuttgart, Lena Weilguni mainly worked on the KuKuK Project (KunstKulturKreativität) accompanying people with dementia in workshops with artists. She was also tasked with writing text for a rap CD based on talks with people with cognitive changes.

Interview with Lena Weilguni in 'Making of' for Rap- ideo on YouTube:

Selina Eberhart, internship semester at HUGO BOSS AG
Internship semester and semester abroad (I10817-1)

"I was the contact for fitness trainers, workplace doctors and staff on questions related to family, health and fitness. The internship strengthened my resolve to seek a career in the area of workplace health management."

Selina Eberhart was employed in the field of workplace health management (BGM) and during her internship she was able to assist in the organization, planning and execution of many projects and initiatives which maintain and improve the health of employees in companies.

Senta Wahl, internship in Baden-Württemberg state health authorities in Stuttgart
Internship semester and semester abroad (I10821-1)

"The internship motivated me to stay in the field of health promotion. The opportunity to work independently and the good atmosphere made a positive impact on me."

Senta Wahl's responsibilities included compiling a wide-reaching status and needs analysis on the current accommodation and living situation of senior citizens in a partner community, assisting in the creation of a "Health promotion information service" newsletter, and helping to edit and layout various recommendations for action published by the Baden-Württemberg health authorities. She was also responsible for the organization of events and meetings.

Sarah Stempfle, internship semester in the University Hospital Freiburg

Sarah Stempfle did her internship semester in the "Quality and Development in Nursing" unit at the University Hospital Freiburg where she worked on a small project entitled "Discharge Management". She talks about her experiences in an interview with the Nursing Magazine from Springer press : "Kommen Sie gut nach Hause"(PDF).

Semester abroad

Students of Applied Health Sciences can spend a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities. HFU has partnerships with prestigious universities in many different countries including, Australia, Mexico, Scotland and the USA. And more are added regularly.

The best time for a 6-12-month stay abroad is generally after finishing the foundation studies, especially in the 6th semester. It is also possible to do your internship semester abroad. In addition the bachelor's thesis can be carried out in cooperation with a foreign company or university. In each case the semester abroad must be planned carefully and well in advance.

Check here for some general information about studying abroad. The HFU International Center runs information sessions at the beginning of every semester. Exact details will be posted on their webpages in advance. The Regional Coordinator for Applied Health Sciences is Prof. Dr. Kirsten Steinhausen. She is happy to answer any detailed questions you may have.

Feedback from AGW students on semester abroad

Jana Jäckle, semester abroad at the University of Malta
Internship semester and semester abroad (I10831-1)

"In my semester abroad I gained knowledge and drive for my personal life and my career. My favourite subject on Malta was Social Wellbeing."

Jana Jäckle sums it up: foreign cultures - lively countries and towns - new friends - new outlook!

During Christmas on Malta she posted this article on our HFU Facebook page.

Julia Hohl, semester abroad at Napier University in Edinburgh
Internship semester and semester abroad (I10834-1)

"My semester abroad was a totally positive experience and I'm very glad I did it. I can highly recommend a semester abroad in Edinburgh!"

Daniel Engler, semester abroad at Maastricht University

"What is particularly interesting at Maastricht Uni is the innovative learning concept of "Problem Based Learning" and the international character through having classmates from all over the world which made my stay a really great experience!"