Where do Applied Health Sciences graduates work?

Graduates of the Applied Health Sciences programme are employed across the healthcare sector. Potential employers are, for example, companies, political health organizations, health authorities, local authority administration, health insurance companies, project sponsors, trade unions, rehabilitation clinics, external service providers and other healthcare institutions.

Whatever career pathway our graduates choose, a growing number of specialists will be required in the various health sectors. A internationally recognized degree from HFU will give you the best possible preparation for the demands of the working world.

Career perspectives

The career pathways of our graduates are as varied as the programme itself: from healthcare management in companies or supply management with healthcare providers, to healthcare consulting in local authorities.

Whatever path you choose, an increasing number of skilled employees will be required in the future in every area of healthcare. The internationally recognized degree programme at HFU gives you the best possible preparation for the challenges awaiting you in the workplace.

Typical areas of employment

Working with developers of ambient assisted living systems
You will participate in the creation of designs and real-life technical solutions in innovative companies. In this occupational field, you will be able to find employment with national and international providers of AAL systems as well as with research facilities and higher education institutions.

Working with users
You will advise those seeking technical solutions in the areas of care and health. In this occupational field, positions in care facilities, health and social service providers, welfare organisations, local information and contact centres, and health marketing and consulting companies will be open to you.

Working with healthcare institutions and networks
You will help to ensure market transparency by developing an independent and impartial overview of the technical assistance systems available. In this occupational field, you will have the option of working in insurance companies, health associations, health and social departments (in local authorities, regional districts, etc.), government agencies, other associations and independent service providers within the healthcare sector.

Working with companies
You will develop innovative, forward-looking concepts for workforces that are undergoing demographic change and ensure that the elderly, or those recovering from illness or in rehabilitation, are also integrated into the company's operational processes. In this occupational field, positions in occupational health and safety associations, corporate health management and physical rehabilitation facilities are open to you.