Job description and career perspectives

With a master's degree in Applied Health Sciences graduates are qualified to fill specialist and management positions within authorities and organizations (e.g. in medical insurance companies or associations), in occupational health management in companies, in educational and research institutions, and in the planning of individual health promotion initiatives in the private sector and in small or medium-sized organizations.

With a master's degree you also have the opportunity to take a doctorate at one of our partner universities or through the cooperative doctorate programme in our Faculty.

Our graduates work in the following areas:

  • Corporate occupational health management
  • Healthcare consulting/health education, e.g. in local government facilities and authorities
  • Healthcare quality assurance, e.g. for healthcare service centres and social insurance agencies
  • Healthcare communication, e.g. in medical insurance companies or information centres
  • Health promotion within certain settings, e.g. health provision in rural areas
  • Project management, e.g. for health insurance companies or health care institutions such as hospitals and health care centres
  • Health sciences research and teaching, e.g. at universities or research institutes