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DAAD PROMOS (I19928-1)

Furtwangen University was successful in their application to the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) to participate in the PROMOS scholarship programme. Furtwangen University can now offer part scholarships through this programme to fund short-term stays abroad.

Application deadlines for study abroad:

          20 March for following winter semester
          20 November for following summer semesster

          (in both cases dependent on funds from DAAD)

Contact: Ms Ulrike Waldvogel

Who can apply?
  • German students and graduates
  • or those with equivalent rights under BAföG (§ 8 Abs. 1 Ziffer 2 ff und Abs. 2 - 3)
  • non-German students or graduates who are enrolled at a German university with the aim of attaining a degree at the German university or who are doing a doctorate at a German university (a scholarship in the home country is generally not possible)

Please note: students who only receive one of the last-minute clearing places abroad due to late application for an exchange place at an HFU partner university are not entitled to apply for a PROMOS scholarship.

What can be funded?

a) Study semesters abroad (1 to maximum 6 months) for students:

Both short scholarships (e.g. to complete thesis work) and longer scholarships up to one semester can be funded.

  • The amount of the scholarship varies from €350 - €550 depending on the country.
  • The funding period at HFU is normally 4 months.
  • Study semesters in the ERASMUS+ countries cannot be funded.
  • HFU does not fund Internship semesters through PROMOS.

b) Study trips

Study trips undertaken by students anywhere in the world can be funded. Funding is limited to a set rate per participant / per day. For EU states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey this amount is €30 and for all other countries it is €45.


How do I apply for funding for a period of study abroad?

The Download file:application form, including all documents required (Letter of Motivation, proof of language proficiency and proof of engagement if applicable), must be submitted in one pdf-file to the following email address: by the given deadline.

Please note: incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application deadlines:

20. March for following winter semester
20. November for following summer semester

(In both cases dependent on availability of DAAD funding)

Important information

  1. This scholarship cannot be awarded in combination with other scholarships for the same purpose.
  2. Recipients of International BAföG may be required to pay a deductible of €300.


How do I apply for funding for a study trip?

Funding for study trips can only be applied for by the teachers organizing the trips. Applications should be submitted to the International Center at least one year before the planned trip so that the appropriate funds can be applied for through the DAAD. Depending on the funds made available by the DAAD, one to two study trips per year, each with between 10 - 15 participants, can be endorsed. Selection is made on a first come, first served basis although we aim to divide funding evenly between the university faculites.

Selection procedure and criteria

An internal HFU selection committee examines the applications. The selection committee consists of the Vice President for International Affairs, the Director of the International Center and the relevant International Coordinator of the faculty.

Important criteria for the award of the scholarship are the academic qualifications and personal suitability of the applicant. Both the transcript of records and a description of the planned semester abroad will be taken into consideration.

More detailed selection criteria are as follows:

  1. Past academic results and special expert knowledge
  2. Level of language proficiency in language required for period of study abroad
  3. Level of preparation for period of study abroad, integration into the course of studies and relevance to future career perspectives
  4. General character and extra-curricular activities of relevance for the period of study abroad

After the applications have been examined, they are graded according to a point system and given a ranking according to the stipulations of the scholarship. If necessary additional personal interviews will be carried out in order to make a decision.

The selection process can take up to 1 or 2 months.

The university aims to divide the scholarships which we have at our disposal as equally as possible between the individual HFU faculties. However, as there are only a limited number of scholarships, it is not possible to select applicants from all faculties.

Due to the many criteria and the need for absolute confidentiality, we regret that information cannot be given regarding committee decisions. We ask for your understanding in this matter.