Overview of financial support available

What can be funded?

Various organizations offer scholarships. Financial support can be received in the following areas:

  • Exchange semester/year abroad
  • Language or academic course in home country or abroad
  • Thesis work abroad (Bachelor and Master)
  • Complementary studies or postgraduate studies abroad
Funding can be applied for from the following programmes
Funding programmeRemarksStudy semesterThesis work
International BAföGMonthly funding amount with partial repayment. Possible to apply for mandatory internships of min. 12 weeks following recognition of the internship by HFU. Following confirmation on Form #5, the HFU BAföG Official should be contacted.xx
Education loanIncome-dependent loan with attractive conditions. Maximum funding: €300/month. Application possible for students in later study phases (after first academic year).xx
ERASMUS+Mobility funding without repayment. Application possible for periods of study of min. 3 months (unless the university has trimester) at European ERASMUS Partner universities of HFU.xx
DAAD-PROMOSPartial scholarship for study trips or periods of stay abroad worldwide outwith the ERASMUS Programme.xx
Fulbright CommissionFull and partial scholarships for Graduate students for a study year in the USA.x 
Fulbright CommissionTravel scholarship for one study semester in the USA.x 
Baden-Württemberg-ScholarshipScholarship to partner universities outwith ERASMUS Programme.
Students of the HFU Business School and the Faculties of MME and MLS cannot currently apply as the scholarships available are being awarded to incoming students from partner universities, thus gaining tuition-free places at partner universities for our students.
Download file:Travel expensesDepending on the allocation of funds by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, students who are mobile abroad may be granted a travel allowance for a study visit or internship. Application is made through the International Center using the Download file:application for financial support for a study-related stay abroad. The application deadline is March 20 for stays abroad in the same calendar year.xx
Education fundsStudy financing with income-dependent repayment.xx
IEC Study funding for exchange semesterNon-income-dependent study loan especially for exchange semesters with income-dependent repayment.x 
Institut Ranke-HeinemannDifferent kinds of support for a study semester abroad in Australia or New Zealand. I.e. 10% reduction of tuition fees, travel funds, full stipends etc.xx
College Contact Semester StipendsFreemovers, who organize their semester abroad with the organization "College Contact", can apply for financial funding of 1000 € for their study abroad semester.  x 
External link opens in a new window:SCHOTT-HJKlein-FoundationThe Heinrich J. Klein Foundation has set itself the goal of promoting international scientific exchange by awarding scholarships to students and supports temporary, academic stays abroad. Students from all faculties who have already demonstrated their commitment to international exchange are eligible for funding. For more information, please visit External link opens in a new window:Home | HJK Foundation (hjk-foundation.com).xx

The funding programmes above are the most well known and most often used programmes. Further programmes can be found:

Additionally, you can apply for general scholarships for students, which are not necessarily related to your study semester abroad. You can find an overview of all big foundations in Germany on the FELIX site of the "Zentrale Studienberatung"

Some of the agencies mentioned under Freemover above also offer scholarships. Information can be found on the websites of the individual agencies.

How do I apply?

A scholarship application must be carefully prepared and generally requires the following supporting documents depending on the scholarship organization:

  • A well-written letter of motivation with the following basic structure:
    • your career goals
    • what motivates you to achieve these goals
    • examples of personal behaviours and experience which back up these claims
  • A CV in the style of the country you are applying to
  • Proof of academic excellence of at least 2 semesters
  • Letter of Reference from a professor
  • Proof of language proficiency

Check with the International Center in plenty of time or on the websites of the scholarship awarding organizations. The deadlines are often very far in advance of travel.