Furtwangen University plans to become an official DELE Test centre in Summer Semester 2019.

Information on the DELE Test

The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (D.E.L.E.) are official certificates providing proof of proficiency in Spanish which are offered by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport. While the Cervantes Institute is responsible for the organization and coordination of the examinations, the University of Salamanca is responsible for the setting, correction and grading of the examinations which are taken worldwide. The DELE certificates are internationally recognized (so also in Latin America) in both the academic and business sectors. In Spain they are recognized by universities, and in public and private institutions as an official qualification.

Advantages of the DELE language certificate

  • The DELE language certificates are recognized worldwide.
  • They follow the requirements of the Common European Framework (CEF).
  • They are recognized internationally by both public and private educational institutions, as well as by private companies and chambers of commerce.
  • In Spain they enable admission to university and to public and private institutions, as well as to the civil service.
  • The validity of the language certificate is unlimited.
  • They can facilitate the award of scholarships, career entry and access to educational systems.
  • They facilitate entry into the academic and professional sectors internationally.
  • They confirm the ability to speak Spanish effectively in all social, academic and work settings.
  • The DELE language certificates supplement the language curriculum in educational institutions in some countries.

The Language Center of Furtwangen University plans to start cooperating with the Cervantes Institute in October 2018. The examination can be taken with us at CEF A1, A2, B1 and B2 Levels (Common European Reference of Languages). The DELE examination will be offered twice a year.

Contact details : Andrew McDouall, Head of Language Center

 E-mail: mca(at)