English courses

English placement test

Who needs to take it?

All first semester students and students taking a language course at Furtwangen University for the first time, must take an online English Placement Test before they can apply for an English course.

Exception: students of the HFU Business School (IBW, IBM and IEB) do not have to take a placement test for the language courses (English and regional focus language) required as part of their degree.

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  1. Log into NEO at: hs-furtwangen.edu20.org
  2. Find the correct access code.
  3. Complete the registration form.
  4. Click on "Dashboard"  and then on "Einstufungstest".
  5. Under "Lessons" click on "FU/VS, Englisch Einstufungstest".
  6. Click on"Take Quiz" to begin the test.

English: basic and advanced levels

Basic English at levels 5 and 6 provides subject-specific language instruction for students of engineering sciences (Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Media, Health). In the courses offered (Business, Computer Science 2 & 3 and Technology 2 & 3), the focus is on the relevant fields of study. Course participants require several years of school English and intermediate language skills.

Advanced English (level 7) lays the foundations for subject-specific communication skills in English.
The courses at this level – Business Communication, Health Care and Technology in Furtwangen and Schwenningen – provide a basis of Business or Technical English and an introduction to the culture of English-speaking countries. Participation in courses at this level is conditional upon passing a placement test or successfully completing level 6.

Courses available:

English 5  Business, Technology 2 or Computer Science 2
English 6  Business, Technology 3 or Computer Science 3
English 7  Business Communication
English 7  Health Care
English 7  Technology 4

English Certificate Course

To be awarded the Certificate of Advanced Studies (Hochschulzertifikat) in English, participants must take 2 of the level 8 courses shown below and both level 9 courses during the course of their degree. Students will have achieved a CEF level of C1.

Participation in certificate courses is conditional upon successfully completing one advanced/level 7 English course (Business, Health Care or Technology) with a minimum grade of 2.0 or passing a placement test for level 8, or proof of residence in an English-speaking country for a minimum of six months.

The final grade of the certificate is calculated from the average grades awarded in two courses at levels 8 and 9.

Courses available:

  • English 8  Academic Speaking (2 SWS) - FU / VS
  • English 8  Academic Writing (2 SWS) - FU / VS
  • English 8  Technology 5 (2 SWS) - VS
  • English 9  Advanced Academic Speaking (2 SWS) - FU / VS
  • English 9  Advanced Academic Writing (2 SWS) - FU / VS

Application for English certificate

To be awarded a university certificate, students must have passed two English courses at level 8 and two English courses at level 9, which confirms the CEF level of C1. The certificate will not be issued automatically and must be applied for over the Language Center.

The following must be submitted:

  • Transcript of Records with all 4 courses listed
  • Maiden name if different from current surname
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Current address