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Access to the placement tests is now possible.

Language courses begin from 07.10.2019.

Access codes

The access codes for the winter semester 2019/20 can be found here:  Registration and NEO

Registration period for language courses - Winter Semester 2019/20

The registration for all language courses for the Winter Semester 2019/20 is open from 04.10.2019 from 1.00pm.

The relevant access codes will be displayed shortly beforehand. Please note that many language courses are filled very quickly, so it is recommended to register early.


In order to make our course names more transparent for our partners at home and abroad, all language courses will be given new names starting in Winter Semester 2019/20. Course titles now include the level according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), so that the level is clearly visible on your transcripts. This is especially helpful, for example, when applying for employment or a Master's Programme, or if when required to submit official proof of language proficiency. 


Please note: New course names mean that each course is also assigned a new enrolment number by the Examinations Office. Additionally, be aware that the numbers within our old course names no longer apply. For example, English 5 - Business now becomes English - Business (B1.1) and DaF 4 (B1) now becomes simply DaF (B1).


A comparison of old/new course names with the corresponding registration numbers and the availability of courses at the respective locations can be found here:

LC course names, and the CEFR grading scale here: CEFR description


Please inform yourself in good time before registering for your next language course (possible from 04.10.19, 13.00) about the new names.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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