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Support for students with children

Family-friendly initiatives at HFU

Studying as a parent (I16006-1)

HFU supports you with childcare, rooms for parents and kids and other initiatives for students with children. Below you will find what we offer on each of our three campuses:

Furtwangen Campus

Parent-kids workroom

The Parent-Child workroom is located in B 1.30. Pregnant women and women who need to breastfeed can relax here and lie down. If there are any problems with daycare, such as holidays or sudden illness, staff and students can bring their children with them to HFU and use one of the desks here while their kids play.

The room is equipped with a desk, a sofa for resting or breastfeeding and toys for various age groups. There is also a small washbasin.

Depending on availability, the room can be used at any time of day. All HFU staff  have automatic access with their HFU card. Students gain access upon request from:

Herr Aberle
Central workshop, Furtwangen Campus, Room  B 1.37
Tel: 07723 920-1410

Childcare facilities

Baby changing tables
A Building: disabled toilets, A 0.03
C Building: disabled toilets, C 0.11
I Building: disabled toilets, I 1.14
G Building: ladies toilets, G 1.01a
O Building: disabled toilets O 1.08

High chairs
In the dining hall (Mensa)

Mobile toy cases
The cases, which have toys for kids aged 1 - 4 and 4 - 8, can be borrowed from the HFU library.


Maria Goretti Kindergarten
A cooperation agreement between the Catholic children's Maria Goretti daycare centre, the town of Furtwangen, and HFU was set up in 2003. In 2006, Student Services Freiburg also became part of the cooperative agreement. The service is available for children aged between three months and primary school age.

The Maria Goretti children's day care centre and the St Martin kindergarten, both run by the Catholic parish of St Cyriak, have merged. They are subsidized by the state government and the Town of Furtwangen. Maria Goretti is located directly in the town centre approximately 50m from the university, while St Martin is situated in the Kussenhof area (Berliner Ring). HFU students, staff and professors are entitled to use the two facilities. The Maria Goretti day care centre has four groups, while the St Martin kindergarten has one. In total, the two facilities look after approximately 120 children between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 years of age.

Contact details
Kindergarten Maria Goretti
Lindenstraße 3
78120 Furtwangen
Tel: 07723 7579

The following daycare organization provides contacts for female and male childminders in the Schwarzwald-Baar region and offers advice and support: Tagesmütter/Tagesväter-Pflegekinder-Service (TaPS e.V.).

Schwenningen Campus

Breastfeeding and quiet room

A room where mothers can breastfeed and relax is located in C3.76 between the A and C Buildings. Pregnant women can relax and lie down here and mothers can use the room to breastfeed.


The room has a desk and a sofa for breastfeed or relaxing.

The room can be accessed at any time during the day, depending on availability. Access is gained with the HFU-Card.

Childcare facilities

Baby changing tables
C Building: disabled toilets C 0.11
Cafeteria: disabled toilets

High chairs
Dining hall (Mensa)

Mobile toy cases
The cases, which have toys for kids aged 1 - 4 and 4 - 8, can be borrowed from the HFU library.


The "Campus Minimus" childcare centre in Villingen-Schwenningen opened in 2010. This childcare group was founded by HFU in cooperation with the Police College, the Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule), and the Town of Villingen-Schwenningen. The facility can look after 30 children from new-born to six years of age in two mixed-age groups. The kindergarten focuses on movement and motor skills.

Normal opening hours of the daycare centre are Monday to Thursday 7.00am - 5.00pm. and Friday 7.00am - 4.00pm. The centre has a contact list of childminders so that, if required, care can be provided even outside the daycare centre's opening hours.

The kindergarten is located near the entrance to the campus of the Police College in VS-Schwenningen. Lunch for the children is available on-site in the Police College dining hall (Mensa).

Kindertagesstätte der Hochschule für Polizei
Sturmbühlstraße 256
D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen
Telephone: +49 (0)7720 994 9561  

The following daycare organization provides contacts for female and male childminders in the Schwarzwald-Baar region and offers advice and support:Tagesmütter/Tagesväter-Pflegekinder-Service (TaPS e.V.). The town of Villingen-Schwenningen also runs a Network for childcare.

Tuttlingen Campus

Parent-Kids workroom

The room in the C building of the Tuttlingen Campus is equipped with a workplace, a play area with toys, breastfeeding cushions and a babyfood warmer, a changing table and a table where small children can draw and do homework. Both students and staff can use the room either for short-term needs or in the case of a childcare emergency.


Childcare facilities

Baby changing table
First-floor disabled toilets

Mobile toy cases
The cases, which have toys for kids aged 1 - 4 and 4 - 8, can be borrowed from the HFU library.


The Tagesbetreuung für Kinder e.V. organization provides information about qualified childminders in the Tuttlingen Region and also provides advice and support.

Pregnancy and parental leave while studying

Combining academic studies and family

Furtwangen University is fully committed to providing family-friendly work and study conditions. Below you will find the services we provide to support student parents.

Pregnancy leave for students

The reformed Maternity Protection Act which came into power in January 2018 now covers students, which means you are entitled to more rights during your pregnancy and after the birth.

Maternity leave is 6 weeks prior to the due date and a minimum of 8 weeks after the birth of your child. During this time you are not required to attend any lectures. There are several special regulations for students which make it possible for you to continue your studies during the maternity leave period. For example, if you specifically request this, you can take exams during this period. Please register your pregnancy with the University as early as possible using the Notification of maternity leave and/or parental leave (Mitteilung Mutterschutz und/oder Elternzeit).

Further details of your rights can be found in the Information on pregnancy for students leaflet. (see Downloads)

Parental leave for students

Parental leave is 8 weeks after the birth until the end of the child's 3rd year. Both parents can apply for parental in the same time period. Please submit the   Notification of maternity leave and/or parental leave (Mitteilung Mutterschutz und/oder Elternzeit) to the Student Administration Office (Prüfungsamt) no later than 4 weeks before the period of parental leave applied for. The Student Administration Office will inform the relevant dean of studies. (§31a Bachelor's SPO and § 24b Master's SPO)

More flexible exam conditions

Exceptions in the Examinations Regulations make it easier for pregnant students and students with children to study. Detailed information can be found in the General section of the Study and Examinations Regulations.

"Studying with kids at HFU" Facebook group

In the "Studying with kids at HFU" Facebook group you can network with other parents and can for example arrange to help each other out with childcare.

Parents support groups in Furtwangen and Schwenningen

The cooperation partners of HFU regularly run events free of charge for student parents on both campuses:

  • Every Thursday from 9.00 to 11.00am there is a Parents Café in the Family Centre in Furtwangen (Bahnhofstr. 9).
  • In Schwenningen the "Studying with child" event takes place every Friday in the church hall (Erzbergerstr. 11). The group is organised by Lucia Feuerstein of the Catholic Church. Make appointments here!

Contact details