Information for refugees from Ukraine

War in Ukraine

Ukraine: Information for refugees (I31859-1)

"Human rights, freedom and peace are the foundations of science and research. If these are called into question in such a fundamental way, as is currently the case by the Russian President, this must have consequences in scientific exchange," writes Minister Theresia Bauer to the universities. According to Theresia Bauer, research funds should no longer benefit the Russian Federation and Russian institutions, and no joint scientific and research events should take place at present and new cooperation projects should not be initiated until further notice.

The Executive Board of Furtwangen University strongly condemns the unilateral Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and the accompanying disregard for international law. HFU has suspended all current cooperation with Russia; there will be no new measures or cooperation until further notice.

For prospective students

The university wishes to support measures that will mitigate the immediate impact on those affected, for example by giving students from Ukraine the opportunity to enroll with as little red tape as possible.

For those interested in studying in engineering fields who would like to improve their German skills for this purpose, Furtwangen University offers the Internal link opens in the same window:PrepTec programme.

Registration with the Foreigner Registration Office

Prospective applicants must first register with the Foreigner Registration Authorities as Ukrainian refugees (residency title according to § 24 AufenthG). This entitles them to benefits to cover their living expenses in accordance with the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act. They can then study and have a free choice of residence.

Overview of universities in Baden-Württemberg

The University of Tübingen has already agreed to be a first contact for refugees and has compiled information on this website: External link opens in a new window:

Information about studying in Baden-Württemberg

Refugees from the war zone can obtain information about studying in Baden-Württemberg using the following contact details:

This is a hotline and central email address for initial counselling and to clarify general questions regarding starting or continuing a course of study. The hotline is available Monday through Thursday from 10.00am to noon and 2.00 - 4.00pm and offers counselling in German, English and Ukrainian. Target group-specific contact addresses and further information are available on the contact point's website at

Contact details

For researchers

There are initial funding programmes for the involvement of refugees from Ukraine in scientific projects, including from the Vector Foundation. Interested parties should contact us stating their field of expertise so that we can refer them to our scientists at HFU.

Research funds and/or scholarships can be applied for through various funding organisations:

Contact details

First point of contact

Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis Regional Authorities have compiled an extensive list of questions and answers (FAQ):

External link opens in a new window:To the pages of the Regional Authorities

Student Services Freiburg (Studierendenwerk Freiburg) wishes to assist students affected by the war with its resources and support.

  • Discussion group and psychological counselling: The Psychotherapeutic Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk offers a safe space for group discussions to anyone who needs to talk and is in need of support. It is also available for one-on-one psychological counselling. Please contact Rosa Meyer, 0761 2101 269 or Email application is started:r.meyer(at) if you are interested.
  • Social Counselling: If you need advice on general social issues, please contact the Social Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk. You can reach them by email at Email application is started:sozialberatung(at) or by phone at 0761 2101 233.
  • Financial assistance: If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to your current situation, the Studierendenwerk's financial counselling service is available to assist you. You can receive assistance from the emergency fund and/or free canteen meals. You can reach the Financial Counselling Service by email at Email application is started:stufi(at) or phone at 0761 2101 253.
  • Halls of Residence: If you are currently living in one of the Studierendenwerk halls of residence, you can arrange for rent deferrals. If your lease in a Studierendenwerk halls of residence is currently ending, you may renew it. You can reach the Accommodation Department by email at Email application is started:wohnen(at) or phone at 0761 2101-382.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has a list of links to current topics concerning studies and research on its website: External link opens in a new window:

Contact person for general questions