International campus

We want our international students to feel at home and get to know German students and the local people quickly.

The following programmes and initiatives will help you do this:

Buddy Programme

We want our foreign students to settle in quickly and the best way is to get a German student to help you. That's why the International Center has set up the Buddy Programme. Your "buddy" is a German student who will look after you and help you settle in at Furtwangen University. This way you will get a better idea of what German student life and everyday life is like. You might even be able to teach each other your native languages.

  • You and your Buddy will be in contact by email before you arrive.
  • If you've got any questions, you can ask them right away before you arrive in Germany.
  • Your buddy will help you with any practical details and questions about the university.

The International Center and the International Student Community (ISC)  organize numerous excursions and events during the semester for foreign students and their buddies. And of course buddies can also organize trips, film evenings or other events as part of the ISC.

You can apply to become a buddy anytime. Just hand in this application form to the International Center.

Guest Family Programme

Would you like to learn more about how Germans live outside the University? Then take part in our Guest Family Programme!

We will organize contact with a German family who will invite you to their home or perhaps go on an outing with you in the area. It is initially a one-off meeting but if you get along well, there's nothing to stop you getting together on a regular basis.

The first time you meet your family it is the custom to bring a small present to thank them for their hospitality - perhaps something from your native country, flowers or sweets.

International Student Community (ISC)

Meet people from around the world!
The International Student Community (ISC) is a student organisation which brings different cultures together, creating a platform for international exchange. The ISC works closely with the International Center and complements its international student programme. As a student club and part of AStA, the ISC is open to all HFU students. ISC activities range from excursions in the area and film and games evenings, to cooking together, dance workshops, talks and much more.

International exchange students and German students who would like to participate in an exchange programme, can get involved in ISC.

More information about ISC activities can be found on Facebook: