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Welcome to FLORIAN,

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the Furtwangen Learning Centre for Orientation in Learning, Tutoring, Information and Advice

FLORIAN is a cross-faculty initiative of Furtwangen University.
You'll receive support and have any questions you have about learning answered.

FLORIAN started on Monday, 27 April 2020.

This is the link to the FELIX course (Login required):

What we can offer

The green links will take you directly to the FLORIAN FELIX course.

  • What's my level? Do the test in subjects like maths and physics to find out what level you are. We can go over the results with you to help you revise the content.
    Click on SELBSTTEST
  • Revise the basics! You want to revise school subjects or take another look at a particular topic. Take our basics courses to prepare yourself for your study programme.
    Click on GRUNDLAGEN
  • How do you do that? You've got a question about something on your course – it doesn't matter if it's how to calculate a chemical concentration or a torque or how to use photoshop. We have over 40 tutors who can help you. Send your question and get in touch.
    Click onTUTORIUM
  • Your question is a general one, not one about your course? You don't need the maths answers, but have a different question about your programme? Then contact our hotline – either during the telephone hotline hours or around the clock by email or over the forum (for more information, see below).
    Click on HOTLINE
  • What's the best way to learn this stuff? Are you looking for tips and tricks to learn effectively? Then our collection of tips sorted by topics is just what you need to get started.
    Click on LERNTIPPS

Who we are

FLORIAN is a joint project of the General Academic Counselling office at HFU and the "Studienstart“ project.

Victoria Reineck (General Academic Counselling)
Dr. Elmar Dammann (FLORIAN)


The telephone hotline is manned from:

FLORIAN Kontaktformular / FLORIAN Contact form

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Learning Centre tutors

  • DM: Tina, Kira, Julian
  • GSG: Alex, Maximilian
  • IN: Patrik, Juan, Johanna, Evelin
  • ITE: Jens, Emil, Julia, Florian, Jonas, Anna-Loan, Jan
  • MLS: Tizian, David, Alina, Philipp, Sandra, Alexandra, Lea
  • MME: Paulo, Lukas, Richard, Jenny, Nergiz, Francisca, Dennis, Regina, Roxane, Romy, Leon, Marie, Christian, Robin, Max, Rudolf, Christoph
  • W: Marlene, Anna
  • WI: to be advised
  • WING: Sina, Severin, Luca, Martin

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