Church at Campus

The Church at Campus welcomes all students and staff of Furtwangen University. They offer regular meetings to discuss life and faith, to celebrate religious services and to sing and pray together. They also offer a variety of activities from Qi Gong to international barbecues and excursions.


Catholic Student Congregation on Furtwangen campus
Contact: Mr. Michael Schlegel
Tel: 07723-91160

Catholic and Protestant university congregation Schwenningen

If enough people are interested, services in English may be provided.

Ms. Märit Kaasch
Email: Studierendenpfarrerin(at)
Phone: 07720 / 33345

Mr. Uli Viereck
Email: u.viereck(at)
Phone: 0174 1391393

Qi Gong and meditation classes
The Church at Campus in Schwenningen offers Qi Gong and meditation classes which take place  on Mondays at 6.45pm in the meditation room in the St. Franziskus Gemeindehaus at Erzberger Str. 11, Schwenningen (next to the F Building).

For more information contact Uli Viereck (see above).

Culture and Cuisine evenings
At the Culture and Cuisine evenings, the Church at Campus invites all students and their friends to present their country in an informal atmosphere with a meal, music and more. 

For more information contact: Märit Kaasch Telephone: 07720-33345

Trip to Taizé
Every year, the Church at Campus in Schwenningen organises a trip to Taizé in France at Easter.

Price: Approximately €60-70. Discounts are available for special cases.
For more information see: and