What is BAföG?

BAföG actually stands for Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (German Federal Training Assistance Act) but is commonly understood to mean the financial assistance which is made available through this act. Students receive half of the amount as a grant and half as an interest-free loan. Whether or not students receive BAföG depends on whether their financial means and those of their spouse, life partner or parents are sufficient to cover their financial requirements during their studies.

Detailed information on BAföG can be found under www.bafoeg.bmbf.de


The AStA member responsible for BAföG at the AStA office can give you a lot of insider tips on the general subject of BAföG.

Contact details:
Siegfried Fien
Tel: 07723 920-2097
Email: fis@hs-furtwangen.de
Furtwangen Campus, Room B 0.04

Student Services Freiburg

The application is submitted to and processed by Student Services. Click here to find out which External link opens in a new window:member of staff is responsible for your BAföG application. Here you can also find the dates for regular BAföG counselling on the 3 HFU university campuses. You can submit your application during the BAföG counselling. You can also find out whether you are eligible for BAföG, how much funding you are likely to get and how the information that you give affects BAföG funding.  

HFU BAföG Coordinators

Responsibilities of the BAföG coordinators

The BAföG coordinators at HFU are responsible for issuing the proof of academic performance documents under § 48 of the BAföG Act.The coordinators can help with questions regarding extension of study time, missed deadlines and legal questions regarding the proof of academic performance. They also offer neutral, non-binding advice on BAföG.

The External link opens in a new window:BAföG staff at Student Services are responsible for more detailed questions, in particular with regard to BAföG applications.