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Study with a vocational qualification

You do not have the "Abitur" qualification, but you have the "Meister" or "Fachwirt" qualification and work experience, and you would like to study? Here you can find out what requirements you must fulfill and what you have to be aware of in your application.


What requirements do I have to fulfill?

It is possible to take a university degree without formal entry qualifications, e.g. "Abitur", if you fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You have a recognized advanced vocational training qualification (Berufstätige mit Aufstiegsfortbildung)
  2. You have a vocational qualification and several years of professional experience (Personen mit Berufsausbildung und Berufserfahrung)

Under the State University Law (LHG § 58 Para. 2 Nr. 5 and 6, 1 April 2014 version) and the University Entrance Regulations for the Employed (BerufsHZVO of 1 April 2014), those who have a recognized advanced vocational training qualification (Berufstätige mit Aufstiegsfortbildung), e.g. "Meister" or "Fachwirt", are legally entitled to enter any study programme at any university. 

Those with a vocational qualification and a minimum of 2 years, but normally 3 years of professional experience, can gain admission to a subject-relevant study programme appropriate to the existing vocational qualifications by passing an eligibility test (Eignungsprüfung).

In either case, an advisory meeting will also be held at the university.

1. Employed persons with recognized advanced vocational training qualifications - prerequisites

  • An officially recognized advanced vocational training qualification, specifically in accordance with the Vocational Training Act (Berufsbildungsgesetz), the Trade and Crafts Code (Handwerksordnung) or § 14 of the Education Act (Schulgetz), building upon a minimum 2-year vocational training programme. Recognized advanced vocational training qualifications are for example:
    • Master (Meister) qualification
    • Other officially recognized advanced vocational training qualifications (Fachwirt IHK, Handelsfachwirt, Bankfachwirt, Versicherungsfachwirt, Industriefachwirt, Fachkaufleute, …)
    • Qualification from a vocational school (Fachschule) in accordance with § 14 of the Education Act (staatlich geprüfter Techniker, staatlich geprüfter Betriebswirt,…)
    • Certain qualifications from a Management and Business Academy (Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie)
  • Capacity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for an advanced professional career
  • Preparatory course with a minimum of 400 teaching hours
  • Advisory meeting with the university


Please contact the Admissions Office at Furtwangen University well before the application deadline so that there is time to arrange an advisory meeting with the relevant dean of studies if this has not yet taken place, and to allow your higher education qualifications to be checked before you apply. Application is carried out online at Print out the application form on this website and send it with your written application to Furtwangen University by either the 15 January or the 15 July deadline.

The following documents should be included in your application:

  • Application form from
  • Furtwangen University application checklist
  • CV
  • Photo (for the student ID card)
  • Officially certified copies of certificates of vocational and advanced training
  • Documents for the selection committee where relevant
  • Proof of national service where relevant
  • Officially certifed copy of Notification of Advisory Meeting with a university

The average grade of the university admission qualification which is necessary for the university admissions procedure for study programmes with limited intakes is the average grade of the advanced vocational training.

2. Subject-specific high school entrance qualification with an eligibility test - prerequisites

  • Completed vocational training of a minimum of two years in a subject relevant to the desired study programme
  • Approximately 3 years of work experience following the vocational training in an area relevant to the desired study programme
  • An advisory meeting in accordance with § 2 Abs. 2 of the State University Law on university entrance regulations for employed people
  • Successful completion of the eligibility test at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance (HTWG)

Eligibility Test

The eligibility test is taken at the Constance University of Applied Sciences. Registration for the test is carried out at Furtwangen University. The applicant may be required to cover some of the cost of the eligibility test.

The test consists of a written and an oral examination. The written examination consists of three parts: German; English; and an assignment specifically related to the desired study programme (e.g. mathematics/business, mathematics/technology, etc.). The oral examination tests the general knowledge of the applicant in the areas of culture, politics, social and business subjects. It can also be used to test the written grades.

For further information on the test, please check the website of the Constance University of Applied Sciences.


Application dates
Please send your application for the following winter semester to the Admissions Office of Furtwangen University by 1 February of that year.
Admission to the summer semester is possible in principle, however the eligibility test in Constance is only offered once a year.
We can register you for the test at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance until the beginning of April.
The written test normally take place on a Friday and Saturday at the beginning/middle of May; the oral examination in the middle of May. The certificate is issued in the middle of June.

Application documents
The following documents should be included with your application:

  • Application document
  • CV
  • Photo (for the student ID card)
  • Certified copies of vocational training and work experience certificates
  • Documents for selection criteria if relevant
  • Proof of military service if relevant
  • Information regarding any previous applications for or participation in such an examination and the results gained

Equivalent subject knowledge
The dean of studies of the desired study programme at Furtwangen University has the final word regarding equivalence of subject knowledge from vocational training and work experience.

Reciprocal acceptance
A successfully completed eligibility test taken in other federal states in accordance with § 1 of the State University Law, or from another state institution, will be recognized if it deals with the same study programme or a related study programme with virtually identical content. An advisory meeting held at another university will also be recognized.

Contact details

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