Study with a Vocational Qualification

You do not have the "Abitur" qualification, but you have the "Meister" or "Fachwirt" qualification and work experience, and you would like to study? Here you can find out what requirements you must fulfill and what you have to be aware of in your application.


What requirements do I have to fulfill?

It is possible to take a university degree without having the "Abitur" if you fall into one of the following categories:


  1. You have a recognized advanced vocational training qualification (Berufstätige mit Aufstiegsfortbildung)
  2. You have a vocational qualification and several years of professional experience (Personen mit Berufsausbildung und Berufserfahrung)

Under the State University Law (LHG § 58 Para. 2 Nr. 5 and 6, 1 April 2014 version) and the University Entrance Regulations for the Employed (BerufsHZVO of 1 April 2014), those who have a recognized advanced vocational training qualification (Berufstätige mit Aufstiegsfortbildung), e.g. "Meister" or "Fachwirt", are legally entitled to enter any study programme at any university. 

Those with a vocational qualification and a minimum of 2 years, but normally 3 years of professional experience, can gain admission to a subject-relevant study programme appropriate to the existing vocational qualifications by passing an eligibility test (Eignungsprüfung).

In either case, an advisory meeting will also be held at the university.

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