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Reorientation and changing degree programmes

General information about reorientation

Reorientation and changing degree programmes (I1545-1)

If you are thinking about changing your degree programme or about leaving university and doing something completely different, you should first ask yourself the following questions:

  •     Is studying at a university really what I want to do?
  •     What can I improve about the current situation without changing degree programme or dropping out completely?
  •     Is doing a degree the right thing for me, but my present course is not the right one for me? What would I rather study?
  •     Have I tried out the alternatives?

Please bear in mind that a change of degree programmes or university, or dropping out of your course can effect your financial situation (e.g. BAföG) and existing insurances.

If you would like to apply to HFU, please make sure you meet the application deadlines. These are valid both for students who are already studying at HFU and want to change their degree programme, and for applicants who would like to change to HFU.

Changing your degree programme at HFU

You are already studying at HFU and would like to switch to the first semester of another degree programme?

Then please register over www.hochschulstart.de.

There you will receive your applicant identification number (BID) and the corresponding applicant authentication number (BAN).

Register at our university at mio.hs-furtwangen.de and enter your BID and BAN there. Part of your personal and contact data will be automatically transferred from your registration at hochschulstart.de.

You would like to switch to a higher semester of another degree programme at HFU?

Then please register and apply only via our online application portal MIO: https://mio.hs-furtwangen.de.

To confirm your registration in the online portal MIO, you will receive a welcome email with an activation code.
Save your curriculum vitae, university entrance qualification certificate, orientation test and, if applicable, certificate of deregistration as a PDF file on your PC. For the higher semester we still need an unadjusted transcript of records. You will need these documents later in the application.

Apply at our university. You will be guided through the application by an assistant.

You can interrupt the application process at any time and resume it later if, for example, you need to do additional research. Your previous information will be retained.

You can only edit the application and the associated information until you finally submit it by clicking on "Submit application". After that, changes can only be made after the application has been withdrawn and the application will not be processed by the university until it is resubmitted.

You can use the "Print control sheet" function to check all the data you have entered.

Please contact the Admissions Office at Furtwangen University for more information.

Changing to another university

If you would like to change to another university and to take the same degree programme or a programme with similar content to the one you were taking at HFU, it is possible that you can have some courses accredited or can start in a higher semester. Check with the Academic Counselling Office or Examinations Office of the university. You can also check here how you should go about applying.

If you are not only changing universities but also changing degree programmes, we also recommend that you contact the Admissions Office or Academic Counselling Office of the university.

Alternatives to studying at university

If you are thinking about dropping out of your study programme you may once again be faced with the question, "What should I do?"

It is often useful to work out what your interests, skills and values are and to collect careers information. A visit to the job information centre might help or a talk with one of the advisors from the Job Centre.

One possibility is to apply for vocational training which will qualify you for a career in a particular type of work. An internship or voluntary work can help you to decide what it is you want to do. They can also be a useful way of filling in the time until you begin your vocational training.

Further information, tips, vocational training and job offers, as well as company profiles which are specifically geared towards those who wish to discontinue their studies can be found here: www.studienabbruch-und-dann.de

What can I do if I have been suspended?

What can you do if you cannot continue your course of study at HFU because you have failed all attempts at an exam or have been suspended?

If you wish to continue to study at HFU, it is possible to apply for another course of study. Acceptance is possible if the new course of study and the original course have different course content (i.e. until pre- or interim examinations or the whole programme is different). For further information please contact the Admissions Office.

If you wish to continue the same or similar course of studies at another university, the new university will check whether this is possible. You may be able to have credits transferred or start in a higher semester. It is worth checking with the Academic Counselling or the Admissions Office of the university in question.