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Choosing the right programme

Choosing the right programme (I11191-1)

Which degree programme is the right one for me? What can I do and what do I want to do? You can find out on the internet, through the various universities and in the government Job Centre BIZ Careers Centre (Berufsinformationszentren). If you want to start checking yourself, a good way to start is with an online self-test and special information portals on the internet. But perhaps you'd like to explore the "jungle of information" with someone else? Or you need some help with how to go about it? Then a seminar with other school-leavers or advice from the General Counselling Service of HFU can help.

Information from the internet

A complete overview of all the university courses offered in Germany can be found on the Hochschulkompass, which also gives information on ways of studying, types of universities and different degrees. The search function makes it possible to find degree programmes across the whole of Germany.

Online test

Orientation Test

The www.was-studiere-ich.de orientation test helps you to identify your interests and skills. You are given recommendations for degree programmes and career options. At the end of the test you can compare your results with the requirements of the course subjects or career paths.

www.was-studiere-ich.de is the general orientation test for universities and the State of Baden-Württemberg  and is mandatory for all university applicants in Baden-Württemberg. This is intended as a service to all potential university candidates to enable them to make a well-informed choice of degree programme. At the end of the test candidates receive formal confirmation that they have completed the test - without the test results. This confirmation is required by all universities in Baden-Württemberg.

Seminars for school leavers

BEST - BErufs- und STudienorientierung careers guidance

BEST seminars are workshops for school pupils. At these seminars you receive guidance to be able to dentify your own interests, skills, values and goals. Over the space of the 2-day seminar, participants have the opportunity to identify their interests, skills and values and what is important for them as regards their future career or higher education programme. At the end of the seminar, participants have a customized portfolio which will help them to decide what they want to study or what area of work they would like to do.

BEST is regarded as part of the school curriculum and pupils who take part in BEST are excused from normal classes during the seminar. The standard workshops, which were developed by experts from the University of Constance and experienced counsellors, are offered across Baden-Württemberg.

Further information about BEST and seminar dates in your area, can be found on the Study Information page of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts: bw-best.de.

Get advice

Are you right at the beginning of your search for a study programme and need some help with choosing the right one? You can contact the General Academic Counselling at Furtwangen University or for more general information, Central University Academic Counselling.

Have you found the course you are interested in at a university and want more detailed information about the programme? Most universities have an academic advisor for each course. At HFU you will find the contact details of the academic advisors on the webpages of each study programme.

Advisors at the government Job Centres also provide careers advice and offer personal counselling appointments. There is also a great deal of information available at the BIZ Careers Centres of the Job Centres which you can research yourself.

Attend our University Open Day and fairs

Furtwangen University runs a University Open Day for school pupils every year in the middle of November on all three campuses. We also take part in various fairs.