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Counselling from the Job Centre

Counselling by the Job Centre (Agentur für Arbeit) (I1876-1)

The Job Centre university team from left to right: Beate Köngeter (Schwenningen Campus), Manuela Kahler (Tuttlingen Campus), Sandra Hussek (Schwenningen Campus), Kristina Sterzel-Sohr (Furtwangen Campus).

Whether you have just begun your degree, are almost finished, or are still halfway through, the Job Centre (Agentur für Arbeit) offers special careers advice for HFU students. During the lecture period counsellors hold regular office hours on campus. Meetings can be arranged without an appointment.

Counselling Hours

No individual counselling is currently taking place on the HFU campus. All queries will be answered by email: rottweil-villingen-schwenningen.berufsberatung(at)

Support provided

The counsellors of the Job Centre provide advice and support in the following areas:

  • choice of study programme and the labour-market-oriented design of your programme
  • information about careers and job opportunities
  • changing of study courses, study goals or study location
  • study crises and making a new start after dropping out of university
  • optimization of job application documents

If you would like an appointment for counselling in the Job Centre in Rottweil, Tuttlingen or VS-Villingen, please contact them by telephone under the following toll-free number: 0800 4555500 or by email: Rottweil-Villingen-Schwenningen.berufsberatung(at)