Special requirements for international applicants

International applicants who hold German university entrance qualifications are subject to the same application requirements as German citizens.

German citizens with foreign certificates (e.g. Aussiedler) cannot apply until the certificate is officially recognized as a university entrance qualification (Hochschulreife) by the:

Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Abteilung 7 Schule und Bildung
Postfach 10 36 42
70031 Stuttgart
Telephone 0711 904 17170

Foreign applicants with foreign certificates and stateless applicants must apply over the:

HTWG Konstanz
Centre for International Students Constance, (Studienkolleg Konstanz)
Alfred-Wachtel-Straße 8
78462 Konstanz

The Centre for International Students Constance decides whether or not an assessment exam (Feststellungsprüfung) or a German Exam (DSH) is required, or whether authorization to study can be given immediately.

Application deadlines for the Centre for International Students Constance:

  •     for the upcoming summer semester 1 November
  •     for the upcoming winter semester 1 May

After the certificate has been officially recognized, please apply over the central application platform, hochschulstart.de (Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren DoSV).

What you have to do upon arrival in Germany

If you would like to study in Germany, you normally have to apply for a student visa at the relevant German diplomatic mission before you travel to Germany. (This does not apply for EU citizens and EEA states.)

To apply for a visa you generally have to provide the following documents:

  •     Valid passport
  •     Letter of acceptance from the German university
  •     Proof of financial means
  •     Proof of valid medical insurance

Details of the documents required can be found on the internet pages of the relevant German diplomatic mission in your home country. The German diplomatic mission cannot issue a visa until the relevant foreigner registration authorities in Germany have given formal approval.

Citizens of the following states can apply for the necessary residency papers for study purposes after arrival (at the foreigner registration authorities in your place of residency in Germany):

  •     Australia
  •     Israel
  •     Japan
  •     Canada
  •     New Zealand
  •     South Korea
  •     USA
  •     Andorra
  •     Brazil
  •     El Salvador
  •     Honduras
  •     Monaco
  •     San Marino

Please be aware:

The visa must be issued for study purposes. A tourist visa or so-called "Schengen visa" is not sufficient. It is not possible to change the type of visa once you have arrived in Germany.

Temporary Residence Permit

After you arrive in Germany you must register with the Residency Registration Office, (Einwohnermeldeamt, Bürgerbüro or Bürgeramt) in the place where you are resident. Normally you should register within the first week of your arrival with the following documents:

  • Personal ID card or passport (with visa if necessary)
  • Landlord's Confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)
  • Completed application form

After registration, you will receive a Confirmation of Registration (Meldebescheinigung). You will need this document to open a bank account, for example, or to apply for a Residence Permit.

Entry with visa: The visa is only valid for entering the country. Upon arrival in Germany, you must register at the Residency Registration Office in your place of residence. An electronic Residence Document  (eAT) will be applied for at the appropriate Foreigners Registration Authorities and the entry visa will then be replaced with a Residence Permit which is valid for a longer period of time.

Entry without visa: Even if you do not require a visa to enter Germany, you still have to register your place of residence in Germany. If you stay in Germany for longer than 3 months, you normally have to apply for a Residence Permit. This does not apply for citizens of the European Union, the EEA or Switzerland.

Foreigner Registration Authorities: Please contact the authorities in your place of residence:

  1. Furtwangen (= Region of Villingen-Schwenningen)
    Foreigner Registration Office (Ausländeramt)
    Landratsamt Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis
    Am Hoptbühl 2
    78048 VS-Villingen
  2. Schwenningen (= Town of Villingen-Schwenningen)
    Foreigner Registration Office (Ausländeramt)
    Stadtverwaltung Villingen-Schwenningen
    Marktplatz 1
    78054 VS-Schwenningen
  3. Tuttlingen (Town)
    Foreigner Registration Department (Ausländerwesen)
    Stadtverwaltung Tuttlingen
    Rathausstr. 1
    78532 Tuttlingen
  4. Tuttlingen (Landkreis)
    Foreigner Registration Office (Ausländeramt)
    Landratsamt Tuttlingen
    Bahnhofstr. 100
    78532 Tuttlingen

Personal meetings by appointment only.

Health Insurance

In order to study in Germany you must have valid health insurance. By German law, students enrolled at state or state-recognized universities in Germany must be insured through the statutory health insurance until the end of their 14th semester or until they are 30 years old. Please check before applying whether your health insurance covers you for Germany or not. You cannot enrol without valid health insurance.

Students from EU countries: If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you simply show this when you enrol.

Students from non-EU countries: If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, you have to take German health insurance. As long as you are under the age of 30, you can insure yourself at an inexpensive student rate through one of the statutory German insurance companies (e.g. TK, AOK).

You have the choice between statutory and private health insurance in Germany but normally you would take the statutory health insurance if you are under 30 and do not have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Click here for more information about the system of statutory health insurance in Germany.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance from your home country can only be accepted if it offers adequate coverage for the entire duration of your study in Germany. You can apply to have this insurance recognized by a German statutory health insurance company. If your health insurance meets the coverage requirements, you will be released from the obligation to take statutory health insurance. You will receive a letter of exemption from the statutory insurance company with you will need for enrolment.For the remainder of your study period, it is then no longer possible to change to one of the statutory health insurance companies.

Visa: It is possible to apply for German health insurance before you arrive in Germany. Simply contact an insurance company. They will send a confirmation as proof of German health insurance coverage which can then be used to apply for the student visa.

Scholarship holders, e.g. from DAAD are usually insured through a group insurance policy for the duration of their stay in Germany. This will be stated in your scholarship documents. Please bring the relevant proof of coverage with you when you enroll. More information can be found under www.daad.de/en/the-daad/what-we-do/insurance/

Mature students over the age of 30 are generally no longer able to take advantage of the discounted rates offered by the statutory health insurance companies and have to take out private insurance.

Period between arrival in Germany and semester start: We urgently recommend that you take out private insurance (e.g. travel insurance) for this period of time.

Personal Liability Insurance

In Germany you are liable by law for damages you cause to others, for example damage to your landlord's property. This can result in very high costs so private liability insurance is extremely important.

We strongly urge you to take out liability insurance.

For activities carried out in connection with your study and which take place on university property, you are covered by your contribution to Student Services Freiburg. This insurance coverage is also valid for internship semesters necessary as part of your degree.

Accident Insurance

All university students in Baden-Württemberg are insured by law against accidents which occur on the grounds of the university or on the way to and from the university.

Accidents which occur in your free time outside the university grounds are covered by the student contribution paid to Student Services Freiburg. This coverage also covers holiday travel, internships and activities undertaken in connection with thesis work at foreign universities and research institutions. Further information can be found here: https://www.swfr.de/en/.