Senate Committees

Senate Advisory Committee on Mobility

The Senate Advisory Committee on Mobility in rural Areas has an inter-faculty interface function. This committee was founded in March 2015 based on a previous work group. The focus of the committee is mobility within our university, i.e. for students, professors and other staff. Current topics are efficient public transport and e-mobility which also provide semester projects for our students. These focus on, for example, questions of environmentally friendly, efficient and socially responsible transport connections.

Head of Administration (Chair)Andrea Linke
Mobility Representative for the Board of ExecutivesProf. Dr. Jochen Baier
DMProf. Dr. Jürgen Anders
GSGAngela Riederer
INProf. Dr. Elmar Cochlovius
ITEProf. Dr. Frank Allmendinger
MLSProf. Dr. Ulrike Salat
MMEProf. Dr. Kirstin Tschan
WINGProf. Dr. Hans-Georg Enkler
Non-voting memberReinhard Lehmann

Non-voting member

Marcel Schneider, City of Furtwangen


Senate Sustainability Committee

Term of office until 28 February 2023

ChairAndrea Linke
GSGProf. Dr. Stephan Lambotte

Prof. Dr. Achim Karduck

Kordula Kugele

ITEProf. Dr. Ulrich Gloistein

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Salat

Prof. Dr. Holger Schneider


Prof. Dr. Margareta Müller

Dirk Schmider

WProf. Dr. Frank Kramer
WIProf. Dr. Jochen Baier
WINGProf. Dr. Steffen Munk
Axel Heinzmann
AdministrationNatalja Schäfer
LibrariesChristina Gunzenhauser
Technical ServicesN.N.
Security engineerFabian Finken

Emma Herzog (MME)
Fabienne Lips (MLS)



Senate Advisory Commission on Gender & Diversity

The advisory commission is composed of representatives from the faculties and central services, and the deputy Equal Opportunities Representative, and meets under the chairmanship of the Equal Opportunities Representative once every semester. The term of office of this advisory committee, as confirmed by the Senate, runs until 31 March 2023.


  • Advise Senate on all equal opportunity issues
  • Internal and external communication of equal opportunitiy and diversity activities
  • Strategic positioning of equal opportunity activities at HFU
ChairProf. Dr. Marianne Andres, Equal Opportunities Representative
Deputy Equal Opportunities RepresentativeProf. Dr. Birgit Reime (Fu)
Karin Lachner (VS)
Martina Warmer (TUT)
Gender Equality Representative

Mervete Alijaj
Sabine Vetter-Hauser

DMProf. Dr. Ruxandra Lasowski
GSGFlorian Braune
INKordula Kugele
ICBrigitte Minderlein
MLSProf. Dr. Katja Kumle
MMEProf. Dr. Ulrike Busolt
Personnel DepartmentN.N.
Student AffairsHelga Fleig
WProf. Dr. Daniel Cerquera
WIProf. Dr. Stefan Noll
WINGKerstin Kiy
HFU Graduate SchoolDr. Thorsten Fitzon
StudentsAnn-Kathrin Jauck
Amelie Sophie Bauer


QM Board

The QM Board was set up in May 2010 as a senate advisory committee composed of representatives from the Board of Executives, the faculties, administration and the student body. As a senate advisory committee, it advises the Senate on all quality issues related to academic matters and decides on quality standards and procedures which are to be applied university-wide. Two student representatives ensure that students are also involved in the decision-making process.

ChairProf. Robert Schäflein-Armbruster
 Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer
 Andrea Linke
DMProf. Dr. Ullrich Dittler
GSGPhilipp Klose
INProf. Dr. Bernhard Hollunder
ITEProf. Dr. Stephan Messner
MLSProf. Dr. Volker Hass
MMEProf. Dr. Dieter Schell
WProf. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller
WIProf. Dr. Marianne Andres
WINGProf. Dr. Michael Gehrer
Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Enkler
 Marina Taichrib
School of Languages and CulturesAndrew McDouall
 Victoria Reineck
StudentsDominik Bleier (IN)
 Sebastian Dold (MME)
Non-voting memberJörg Fischer


Central Examination Committee (ZPA)


  • Coordination of consistent use of the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO)
  • Handling of interdisciplinary study programme examination issues
  • Coordination of inter-faculty measures related to the quality of teaching


Vice-president Academics (Chair), current heads of Faculty Examination Committee, Heads of Examinations Office and Head of Student Affairs

ChairProf. Robert Schäflein-Armbruster
DMProf. Dr. Ullrich Dittler
GSGProf. Dr. Arno Weber
INProf. Dr. Steffen Thiel
ITEProf. Dr. Ulrich Gloistein
MLSProf. Dr. Matthias Kohl
MMEProf. Dr. Helmut Schön
WProf. Dr. Frank Kramer
WIProf. Dr. Holger Ziekow
WINGProf. Dr. Hartmut Katz

Head of Examination Office
Faculties: ITE, MME, WING

Prof. Dr. Andreas Gollwitzer

Deputy Head of Examination Office
Faculties: MLS, W, GSG, WI

Prof. Dr. Margareta Müller

Deputy Head of Examiantion Office
Faculties: IN, DM

Prof. Dr. Arno Weber
Student AffairsKlaus Rimbrecht