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Occupational safety, Occupational medicine

Occupational safety

Occupational safety is built into the organisational structure of Furtwangen University. Marcel Schmider, a safety engineer, is currently in charge of the Office of Occupational Safety, providing advice on compliance with various legal occupational protection requirements to the University Board of Executives, the management and the professors and staff of Furtwangen University. He also supports the integration of health and safety in the procedural organisation of Furtwangen University, and is responsible for the ongoing development of occupational protection management. The safety engineer also acts as the liaison between the University and external occupational security stakeholders.

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Occupational medicine

In the area of occupational medicine, Furtwangen University works with the external medical practice BASIZ. The company doctors provide the University with advice on occupational medicine and health protection. The company doctors can also carry out preventative health assessments.

Occupational physicianDr. Michael Fritzer
 Larissa Müller