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Honorary citizenship for Ortwin Guhl

Furtwangen University confers distinguished honour

Furtwangen University (HFU) has conferred the Honorary Citizenship title on Ortwin Guhl. The certificate with the distinguished title was presented during the opening ceremony of the new Tuttlingen Innovation and Research Centre in Tuttlingen in recognition of his outstanding contribution over many years to the Tuttlingen university campus.

From 1984 to 2006 Guhl was the Chairman of the Board of the Tuttlingen Kreissparkasse Bank. He was, and still is, involved in the setting up and running of the Tuttlingen university campus which opened in 2009. Without his contacts, expert knowledge and his enormous persuasive abilities, it would not have been possible to convince the approximately 100 companies who contribute over €2 million annually to the running of the campus. Until March 2018, Ortwin Guhl was the Managing Director of the board of the Tuttlingen Campus Development Association. Today, he is still active in seeking company sponsorship for the university campus.

Speakers for the "Open Campus" lecture series are mainly recruited with the help of Ortwin Guhl. This was the case, for example, with the former German President Professor Dr. Horst Köhler and the President of the German National Bank, Dr. Jens Weidmann, who came to speak on the campus. His aim was to make lectures at the University widely known to the general public.

In 2014 the City of Tuttlingen conferred on him the honorary "Kannitverstan" title, the equivalent of the freedom of the city. At the award ceremony, the Mayor Michael Beck called him the "the very model of a solid Schwabian bank manager".

Tuttlingen Campus
From its inception, the university campus in Tuttlingen has been a model for the combination of academia and business. With 5 bachelor's and 2 master's study programmes, it is now firmly established in the educational landscape of the region.

Honorary Citizenship
Furtwangen University confers this honour to distinguished individuals in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the well-being or reputation of the University. The honorary citizenship is the highest honour which can be awarded by the University. Until now only two other people have received this honour: Professor Dr. Günter Pritschow, the founding officer of the Tuttlingen Campus, and Professor Manfred Kühne.