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Business Talks' First Online-Symposium

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Business Talks' very first online symposium - Innovation meets Entrepreneurship

Spanning over a period of three days and filled with webinars from 6 industry experts with one aim - 'help to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow'.

The participants examined the innovation process, and quickly transitioned into exploring how to successfully bring innovations to market. Analyzed how to tune their mind to convert a breakdown to a breakthrough. And also remind all that tough times shall soon pass but tough teams stay forever.

Philipp Harder, International Sales& Marketing Manager at Happersberger otopront GmbH brought out loud and clear that there is a strong relationship between culture, communication, and how we build relations with customers. It's a journey to develop a shared understanding of the present to plan actions for the future. The session on - 'How to do Sales in Europe and East Asia?' was an eyeopener for many HFU undergrads and 'Very Relatable' to all who have had experienced the same. The session was lessons from Philipp Harder's personal experiences and insights.

Steffen Erath, Head of Innovation at hansgrohe conducted a session on conducted on - 'Radical Innovation at Hansgrohe - Exploring new ways of water experiences'. He explained- Innovation is the key to success but is that sufficient. How to invade new markets and avoid stagnating? Steffen's experiences of innovating at Hangrohe was a great learning for all participants at the webinar.

The online symposium was organised by HFU Business School’s student organisation Business Talks and was a huge success with over 300 participants.

A special Thanks to all Speakers - Philipp Harder, Steffen Erath, Prof. Dr. Jur. Bernhard Plum, Bert Martin Ohnemüller, Jonathan O'Reilly and Lea Antonia Varga.