Current information from HFU about the Corona virus:

Presence on University Premises

Corona: stop the spread - use your home office

Effective immediately, the Board of Executives of Furtwangen University ask all staff and professors to take any and all measures to work from home where at all possible. Please provide your superior / dean with current contact details for your home office.

  • We ask all deans / heads of departments to keep a list of personnel working from home.
  • This step is also intended to prevent an unnecessary commute to the University and to minimise personal contact as much as possible. It is also intended to ease any childcare problems which may occur.
  • Overtime and holiday days should be used up as much as possible over the coming weeks. Please discuss your plans with your superior and register them via HIP or personalabteilung(at)
  • Unless overtime and holiday is being used up, all staff and professors are considered to be at work. If necessary those working at home may be requested to come to the University, also at short notice.
  • For this reason emails should be checked regularly to enable any issues or questions raised by our students to be dealt with quickly.
  • Additionally, we ask all colleagues concerned to set up all technical systems in such a way as to ensure that they will not have to be continuously monitored. This includes any on-going laboratory experiments.
  • All HFU buildings are closed and are only accessible with the HFU-Card.
  • As soon as all necessary steps have been taken and all necessary arrangements made and approved by a superior, please return home.