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In-depth exchange between HFU delegation and long-term strategic partner

HFU-Delegation at Diehl

HFU-Delegation at Diehl

At the beginning of December the long-planned visit of an HFU delegation to Diehl Defence in Überlingen finally took place. HFU has enjoyed a long and close relationship with the company on Lake Constance.

In his introduction to the company, Thomas Bodenmüller, the Financial Director, gave insights into the defence company from a business finance aspect. Prof. Dr. Hack, currently Dean of the Business School and a Finance Professor, was of course particularly interested in this area.  Prof. Dr. Cerquera was in familiar territory as he worked at Diehl before he started teaching at HFU.

The other members of the delegation have also had close personal contact with the company for many years.   Regina Feketics, Programme Director of the part-time Executive MBA programme, was delighted to meet up again with Frank Kienzler, Division Manager, who participated in the MBA programme in Schwenningen from 2005-2007, and with Andre Selz, Head of Integration, Qualification & Testing, who graduated from the two-year, English-language management programme at the HFU Business School in 2018.

For Programme Assistants Natascha Steffens and Nadine Merkt, who also coordinate the adjunct lecturer positions at HFU, it was a first opportunity to meet up with the Head of Human Resources at Diehl, Dieter Monka, at his place of work. He has been an adjunct lecturer at the HFU Business School for many years. Mr. Monka explained the personnel strategy of the company to his guests from Schwenningen.

The visit was rounded off with a tour of the company. The representatives from the University were impressed with the hospitality of their hosts and with the size of the company.

Both parties agreed that the excellent partnership should continue and that there are many areas where they can work together in the future.