Make Artificial Intelligence an everyday reality

Award-winning project by Prof. Dr. Oliver Ruf


Chat with AI

Do you know what a Chatbot is? Then why not ask it yourself? A computer game developed at Furtwangen University allows you to make small talk with such a virtual conversational partner. And what's more - you will learn how to create "artificial intelligence (AI), how it gains its knowledge and how this can be improved.

Behind the "Chatbot Intelligence" project is Prof. Dr. Oliver Ruf and his team on the Furtwangen Campus of Furtwangen University (HFU). Ruf lectures on Media and Design Science in the Faculty of Digital Media. How did he get involved in this project? "We wanted not just to show AI, but also to let it speak for itself. And to show what is possible with this type of communication and teaching in a fun digital environment using ones own media."

The Federal Ministry of Research has named the scientific year 2019, the year of "Artificial Intelligence" and called on universities to take part in a competition as part of the "Science in Dialogue" initiative. Professor Ruf and his team have accepted the challenge – and are now one of 15 groups who have received an award for their ideas and €10,000 each. This prize money will be used to realize the idea by December 2019.

The project group, which includes the "Interactive Media Design" master's student Daniel Birkircht, is currently being set up. "We aim to produce a prototype by the end of the summer which can be made to both speak and to react to what is said," explains Ruf. What is new about the project is that the Bot is also able to provide information. Those who are interested will be able to chat with the Bot over a freely accessible website.