Research and Development

A particularly important aspect of the bachelor's and master's programmes at Furtwangen University is the strong practical orientation. Research and development projects are an important component of the degree programmes and our close cooperation with industry. During the course of the degree programme students put their theory into practice in a project for and with an industry partner.

The Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences has many contacts with firms and clinics in the region, particularly in the fields of  mechanical engineering, precision engineering and medical technology. In addition it has good connections with companies in the areas of biotechnology and process engineering, also from further afield, including Freiburg, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Basel, Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck, Munich, Hamburg and Lübeck.

The examples of projects given here result from current requirements from industry and society and change regularly.

Biotechnology & Biosensors

  • Continual fermentation of juices in a membrane bioreactor
  • Biogas / energy conversion from leftovers
  • Enzyme production, isolation and purification from yeasts

Chemical-/Thermal-/Mechanical Process Engineering

  • Pollutant degradation with VUV photoreactors
  • Dry milling

Medical Engineering

  • Transport of oxygen in "artificial organs (kidneys, liver, lungs)" 
  • Institute for Technical Medicine (ITEM)
  • Centre for Applied Simulation: CardioSim 

Environment and Society

  • Environmental simulation
  • Environmental management 
  • Innovation & gender research

Medical Technologies

  • Molecular diagnostics and biomarkers
  • Statistics in biology and medicine
  • Microbiology and hygiene
  • Tumor biology

The Institute for Applied Research (IAF) of Furtwangen University is the central contact for all questions related to research, development and transfer.

Current Fields of Research

  • Innovation & Gender research
  • Institute for Technical Medicine (ITEM)
  • Environmental Engineering and Photochemical Wastewater Treatment
  • Centre for Applied Simulation (ZAS)