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Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Physical and Analytical Chemistry

In the Physical and Analytical Chemistry Lab besides an extractor, mainly analysis tools for the fast qualification and quantification of substances in water. There are also various apparatus to treat waste water. Hazardous substances can be removed and mineralised by means of electro-chemical treatment using our self-built electrolysis cell. In addition, new adsorptive processes are researched in which plastic waste can be used as a contaminant filter. These materials can be compared with each other by using two parallel filters in automated teaching and pilot equipment from the company Adiro.

The lab is equipped with three infra-red spectrometers. There is a Bruker FTIR with an ATR unit (Tensor 27), and a FTIR microscope (Spotlight 200) and a portable FTIR with an ATR unit (Spectrum Two), both from PerkinElmer, to identify and classify among other things, plastic components, micro-plastic particles and additives.

A Metrohm corrosion measurement cell and a polarimeter are also available.


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