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Distilling Lab

The lab of the HFU Distillery is used for beverage technology. For example, in an elective course, students learn how to distill apple brandy, the "HFU Spirit", from windfall apples. In other student beverage projects, liqueurs, beer and cider have also been produced.

Field of work:

  • beverage technology
  • comminution and solubilization
  • fermentation
  • distillation/rectification
  • dilution, filtration, bottling
  • analytics
  • sensors


  • Distillation with rectifying column
  • Analytical tools to measure alcohol, sugar, etc., small analysis area
  • Pome fruit mill
  • Variety of presses
  • Filters
  • Mash tun
  • Storeroom for products
  • Fermomat (own invention)
  • Distillation unit (Speidel)

Practicals/student coursework: Every semester, many smaller student projects which are part of project or coursework are carried out in the lab. In addition, our very popular distilling elective is offered for students of the Bio and Process Technology and Molecular and Technical Medicine programmes every semester.

Research: There are currently several small research projects in the distillery. For example, we are testing the possibility of aroma extraction from the waste product of apples, an alternative raw material (fir needles) for ethanol extraction, and of gaining added value from the slurry.


A -1.11 und A -2.07 Schwenningen Campus