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Degree programmes offered

The programmes we offer at the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences range from biotechnology and sustainable bioprocess technology, to molecular medicine and medical diagnostics. Take a look below.

Bachelor's programmes

Degree programmes offered (I25031-1)
  • The focus of the Applied Biology programme is on the mechanisms and elements of the biological systems which are used by man in various ways. For example, you will learn how pharmaceutical substances can be produced with the help of micro-organisms, or which raw materials can be extracted from biological sources. Thus the programme covers the whole range: from scientific principles to modern lab techniques and industrial applications.
    Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • The Molecular and Technical Medicine programme covers the natural sciences and medicine, as well as the technical methodology of both disciplines. Here the central question is how new molecular biology insights and methods, and new technical developments can be used for medical purposes.
    Degree: Bachelor of Science

Master's programmes

Degree programmes offered (I25032-1)
  • Sustainability is the focus of the Sustainable Bioprocess Technology programme. Students learn to plan, build and run plants in a way which is as environmentally friendly and resource-efficient as possible. With skills and know-how from the areas of biotechnology, engineering and process engineering, they are ready for the workplace when they graduate. Independent research projects are central to the degree programme.
    Degree: Master of Science
  • Precision Medicine Diagnostics is at the interface of medicine, the natural sciences and engineering. Courses covering high throughput technologies, personalised medicine and clinical studies are central to this programme. In this way new lab and analysis techniques are made accessible for medical diagnostics in the field of precision medicine. In keeping with the international outlook of this research field, all lectures will be held in English.
    Degree: Master of Science
  • The Technical Physician  programme dives more deeply into the area of medical instrument engineering. The necessary medical, engineering and clinical studies know-how, are all taught on this course. In learning new strategies for diagnostics and therapy, students experience how highly complex technologies and intelligent instruments and devices can be used in human medicine. Thanks to the cooperation between HFU and the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, it is also possible to take the professional perfusionist qualification.
    Degree: Master of Science