Current information from HFU about the Corona virus:

*** See below for FAQs for Winter Semester 20/21 (under corona conditions) at the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences.***

Medical and Life Sciences (I10798)

Medical and Life Sciences

***FAQs regarding the current Corona situation below***

The Faculty offers interesting study programmes in high-tech fields such as biological sciences, medical diagnostics and molecular biomedicine.

Biotechnology, process engineering, medicine and medical engineering play an important part in increasing quality of life, maintaining health and in meeting the growing demands of an aging society.

Since1988 the Schwenningen Campus of HFU has been internationally recognized as a centre for medical and biotechnology research and teaching with growing expertise in these fields. Our students have ideal study conditions with experienced teaching staff, and modern labs and lecture rooms. Our study programmes meet the growing need for academically trained specialists in the fields of biotechnology and the environment, as well as in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of human disease. HFU students on the Schwenningen Campus can take advantage of this range of possibilities to customize their degree programme to meet their own personal interests. In addition Schwenningen is a relatively inexpensive place to live which offers attractive recreational possibilities thanks to the excellent infrastructure.

Download file:Important dates and deadlines for the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences in Winter Semester 2020/21

FAQs´for Winter Semester 20/21 (under *Corona* conditions) for the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences

Important general information can be found on the regularly updated General Corona virus FAQs page on the HFU website! In addition, a good overview can also be found here: Information from the General Academic Counselling office (note especially Point 1: Grundsätze).

Because no lectures can currently take place, we will do our best to provide online teaching. Therefore it is important that you sign up for all relevant courses for your semester in FELIX. This way you will stay up-to-date and receive all the relevant information on what is happening in your courses.

Lectures begin again on 20.04.20 and end on 17.07.20. This is the updated list of Faculty dates.

Make sure you stay up-to-date using our website and FELIX and read messages send by the University to your HFU email address regularly. Please contact us only if you cannot find the relevant information yourself.

Why is there still a timetable?

The timetable should be ready by 13 April. Most courses are shown in the timetable with the rooms in the normal way. One reason is that we will be able to start right away whenever face-to-face lectures become possible. This also means that during this time period either live lectures will take place or the lecturers will be available for questions. Details on how to take part in live online lectures can be found on the relevant FELIX courses.

The timetable will be regularly updated as changes take place.

Will practicals take place?

Practicals cannot be offered at the moment. For details on your practicals, please check the FELIX course and the timetable.

For many practicals there will probably not be any personal practical work, however the theoretical part of the courses must be taken. This is unfortunate but are working on offering alternatives to the practical part or the possibility of being able to take it at a later time. However, the uncertainty of the current situation makes it almost impossible to say at the moment. If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge of the relevant practical.

It is not out of the question that practicals can take place at the end of the semester or in semester breaks (in a reduced form). We will inform you further as soon as we know more.

I am a first semester student and am not sure what I have to do?
  • Unfortunately, there will be no face-to-face welcome and no orientation events. We are currently working on videos where you can still get to know us a bit and which will give you important information. See also FELIX courses: ANB / BPT: Aktuelle Infos für ANB & BPT Studierende; MTZ / Informationen für Erstsemester;
  • You will already have received your access codes for the HFU online services from Student Services by post or email. With these you can register on our central learning platform FELIX (
  • You will find your degree programme and the relevant semester (e.g. MTZ 1 for the first semester, MTZ 2 for the second semester, etc.) over Kurse / Katalog / Fakultät MLS  in FELIX.  Normally you will have to register ("einschreiben") for the courses to gain access to the content. For some courses you will be given a password by the lecturer.
  • To find out what courses you have to take, check the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO) of your degree programme (MLS/ Studiengänge / ... / Details zum Studiengang / SPO (select the current version)
Will language courses take place? If so, how can I register for them?

Yes. Please take the English Placement Test online at latest by 16.04.2020. The Access Code for the English Placement Test is: AQSX-ZBHN. Registration instructions can be found on the Language Center webpages.
Registration for the language courses will be opened at 1.00pm on 16.04.2020. All students can register for language courses from this point on. The Access Codes will be sent by email over NEO, and will be posted here and on the Language Center webpages. Please register by the deadlines given above - the courses normally fill up quickly.
Current timetables for the language courses can be found on the Language Center webpages.
All language courses begin on Monday 20.04.2020 and end on Friday 17.07.2020.

Exams in Schwenningen take place on 18.07.2020 and Wednesday 22.07.2020.

Where can I get further information on my study programme? Can I get advice on the current semester?

Contact persons for questions regarding your study programme are the study programme coordinators below:

Applied Biology (ANB) / Bio and Process Technology (BPT):

Henrike Seidinger: telephone hours: Tuesday 10.00am - 12.00 noon, and by email

Tanja Paatsch: telephone hours: Thursday 10.00am - 12.00 noon, and by email

Further information can be found on the „Aktuelle Infos für ANB&BPT Studierende“ FELIX course

Molecular and Technical Medicine (MTZ): Birgit Fritz: telephone hours: Tuesday to Thursday 10.00 - 11.00am, and by email

Technical Physician (TP):Karin Lachner

Precision Medicine Diagnostics (PMD): Prof. Matthias Kohl: by email and by appointment

Sustainable Bioprocess Technology (NBT):Ursula Eschenhagen

How can I submit my internship semester, coursework and thesis at the moment ?

Please post them to the MLS Department Office (Dekanat). The date of posting is the submission date. We are also working on a possibility to submit the work through FELIX. The paper copy can be submitted at a later date.

Will exams and presentations take place this semester as normal?

There may be changes to the means of assessment. These will be shown in the current Examination plans and List of lectures offered (HFU Services). They will also be announced by the course lecturer over the FELIX courses.


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