Coating equipment

  • Myplas III ALD (Plasma Electronic GmbH)
  • Plasma Flecto 30 (Plasma Technology)
  • Labcoater 300 (parylene coating unit from PPS)
  • PlasmaTreat (atmospheric plasma unit, Plasmatreat GmbH)
  • Neoplas Control Kin Pen 11 (atmospheric plasma "pen")
  • Glove box


  • AFM Topometrix Explorer (atomic force microscope)
  • XL30 ESEM Philips (raster electron microscope, REM with EDX)
  • Keyence VHX (microscope)
  • Mitutoyo Ultraplan FS 110 (microscope up to 1000x magnification)
  • Ocean Optics NanoCalc-XR (coating thickness measurement)
  • Source tronic (high-voltage power failure measurement)
  • Quorum SC 7620 (sputter coater)
  • Contact angle measuring system G 10
  • Alpha Step 500 (Tencor) surface profiler
  • Impedance measuring device
  • DC leakage measuring equipment
  • Tribometer pin disc machine

Mechanical engineering / Robotics

  • Fanuc R2000iB-170CF 6-axis articulated industrial robot
  • Fanuc M-3iA-6A 6-axis delta robot SN: E-61360
  • Tektronix MS070404C mixed signal oscilloscope
  • Tektronix AFG3022C dual channel arbitrary/function generator

Other equipment

  • 3D printer
  • Nabertherm HAT 64/17 (high temperature oven)
  • Salt spray unit Weiss Technik SSC 450 (corrosion test)
  • Binder APT.line MKF (E3.1) climatic chamber