Rottweil Research Center

Innovative research in a historical location

Rottweil Research Center (I14437-1)

Former Gunpowder Factory, Rottweil

The Rottweil Research Center was opened in March 2016. It is located on the site of the former Gunpowder Factory in Rottweil, where as far back as the 30-Year War, gunpowder mills were located. It houses the innovative plasma coating technology of the Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering as well as a hall for mechanical engineering and Industry 4.0 with high-tech robots, automation technology and simulation.

Practicals, research projects and thesis work

Besides University research, some of which is international in the field of coatings for medical technology, practicals for students in the Micromedical Engineering, Advanced Precision Engineering and Technical Physician master's programmes are also held here.

  • Coating technologies: practical in the field of plasma coating / plasma activation and adhesives technology
  • Intelligent implants: practical on current research on the Retina Chip of Retina Implant AG

In addition to practicals, the plant and equipment of the Research Center can also be used by students in the bachelor's study programmes for coursework, project practicals and bachelor's theses.

Students in master's programmes are regularly offered research practicals on highly interesting topics, and can also carry out thesis work on coating technology and mechanical engineering and robotics.

    Photos of the lab

    High school cooperation

    We cooperate closely with the Rottweil high schools offering practicals for high school pupils in which the theoretical content of their courses in the natural sciences and technology is expanded with real-life examples from R&D.

    • Microscopy
    • Plasma treatment and varnishing
    • Manufacture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers using plasma coating
    • Coating with biocompatible layers to encapsulate electronic components
    • Measurements on the engine testing bench
    • Retina-Chip experiments