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Measurement technology

Students deepen their understanding of measurement principles, methods and procedures, and gain practical experience in error analysis in analogue and digital measurement technology by carrying out a group measurement technology project as a semester project. Besides putting theory into practice, students also have the opportunity to improve their teamworking skills.

The "Measurement technology" lab is used for the following:

  • Practicals, projects and coursework in the  MM, MEB and IEB study programmes
  • As a work area to carry out bachelor and master's theses (individual students)
  • Measurement technology practicals (mandatory elective)
  • Electronics seminars in master's programmes

Test set-ups are available for the following measurement technology themes:

  • Chladni figures
  • Vibration measurement technology
  • Flow measurement technology
  • Movement analysis
  • Smart wheelchair
  • Flow rate measurement technology, level measurement technology
  • Time measurement technology, speed measurement technology
  • Temperature measurement technology
  • Measurement signal processing using special hardware and software
  • Flywheel generator


B3.01 Schwenningen Campus

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