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Lighting Technology

The Lighting Technology Lab at Furtwangen University gives students access to teaching and research in the fields of optics, light and lighting technology. We are one of few universities in Germany who work at the interface between lighting technology and medical technology. Students have the opportunity to deepen theory taught in lectures through practical teaching in the Lighting Technology Lab. An increasingly important theme are the medical applications of LED light sources.

The research and development of innovative lighting solutions in cooperation with industry partners is a core part of our teaching. Flexible lighting systems are developed in the Lighting Technology Lab through the interaction of measurement technology and optical simulation.


  • Photometry of LEDs: proof of the photometric inverse-square law
  • Spatially resolved luminance measurement of LED- and OLED-based lighting systems
  • Measurement of the light distribution curve and the spectral characteristics of lights by means of a Goniophotometer and Spectrometer
  • Luminous flux measurements of light sources and lights in the integrating sphere
  • Determination of the degree of reflection and transmission of optically relevant materials
  • Measurement of the bidirectional scattering distribution functions of materials on the scatterometer

Research themes

  • Development of lights for interior and exterior applications as well as for feasibility studies
  • Development of optical components (reflectors, lenses and diffusors) for lighting systems using optical simulations
  • Development and optimization of background lighting systems including the use of LED light sources in visible and within the UV-A/B range
  • Optimization of lighting units in medical devices (endoscopes and operating theatre lights) taking the melanoptic effect of light into consideration


  • Integrating sphere (D= 25 cm and 110 cm)
  • Diverse devices to measure the strength of lighting
  • Spectrometer for measurements in the UV-, visible and near infrared ranges
  • Goniophotometer with thermoelectric water cooling
  • Spatially resolved luminance camera
  • Scatterometer


A -2.01 Schwenningen Campus

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