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Multiprofessional Skills Lab

Simulations support the learning and teaching of required skills without subjecting patients to any direct risk. Carrying out practical work based on real-life situations assists in the teaching of both critical thinking and decision making, and self-awareness skills. The Multiprofessional Skills Lab (MPSL) allows students of Applied Health Sciences, Physiotherapy and Security & Safety Engineering to practice these skills in a simulated environment.

The Lab is equipped with the various types of beds found in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics. For practical exercises there is also a simulation doll and a whole variety of medical and nursing materials and aids. A physiotherapy treatment table is also available.

The Skills Lab is also equipped with a reception area and integrated office such as is found in hospitals and practices. These include medicine cabinets, filing systems for patients records and work space for hygienic work, as well as ergonomic furniture and a circadian lighting system simulating a day and night rhythm.

In the Lab, students gain the practical skills needed in hospitals. The Multiprofessional Skills Lab can also be used for research, for example as part of the Applied Health Promotion master's programme.


O 1.02b Furtwangen Campus

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