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IT Security Lab

The 100 m2 IT Security Lab is located in the main building in Furtwangen. The lab is equipped with a high-performance virtualization server and various personal computers. The following equipment is also available: a hardware-based keylogger, a spectrum analyzer for 2.4 and 5-GHz band, secure hard drives/ USB sticks and other teaching aids.

In the "Information technology" practical, students can work in the following areas:

  • Installation and configuration of a Unix-type operating system
  • Setting up of a webserver including generation of the relevant encryption certificates
  • Configuration of a simple firewall
  • Exploration of a given network
  • Monitoring of network traffic using a packet sniffer
  • Configuration of an email system
  • Encryption of emails using various technologies
  • Installing of an intrusion prevention system

The lab and equipment is used for student practicals and projects and for bachelor's and master's thesis work.


A 3.18 Furtwangen Campus

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