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Future Care Lab

Technical assistance systems and technology-supported services for nursing care, often referred to as Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), can allow those who need nursing care to live an independent life within their own four walls, allowing the scarce resources available for nursing care to be used in a more efficient way.

HFU set up the "Future Care Lab" (FCL) for the development of needs-related technical assistance systems and their successful transfer into practice.

As a testing environment, it enables the comprehensive development, integration and evaluation of technical assistance systems and services involving the users, within a framework of inter- and transdisciplinary research at the Institute for Human and Technology Interaction at HFU.

Technologies integrated into the Future Care Lab include: smart-home components (sensors and actuators), active lighting systems, touch-, language- gesture-controlled systems, systems for 2D- and 3D localization, portable vital signs sensors and assistance robotics. The FCL also offers a complete range of low-threshold aids and rehabilition technologies. Through complete system integration, situation-relevant assistance can be provided in intelligent home environment control activities, and the current state of the resident and dangerous situations can be determined.

Students of Applied Health Sciences can gain practical experience in dealing with new technologies in the Future Care Lab and are introduced to the application possibilities of assistive systems. In addition, the FCL can be used for student work in bachelor's and master's programmes.


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