Study programme concept and content

Study programme concept and content (I6656-1)

The study programme concept of the Faculty of Digital Media is based upon the recording, design, development and critical reflection of media.

The curriculum of the various study programmes is continually updated and developed to reflect changes in technology, media information, design and business. Our many cooperations with well-known companies mean that the courses are workplace-relevant, facilitating the career start for our graduates.

In order to maintain our standards, the quality of teaching and our competitive advantage, the Faculty of Digital Media has developed a standard approach and guidelines for the various areas of the study programmes such as academic work, the internship semester or semester abroad.

Teaching approach
Study programme concept and content (I6650-1)

As developers of digital media and the initiators of "Computer Science in Media" and "Online Media" as academic subjects, we possess an enormous advantage over our competitors in terms of experience. Our interdisciplinary curricula make it possible to record media, to reflect upon it and to design. As a result, we are sought-after experts wherever synergies are involved. We implement media in a purposeful, goal-oriented and responsible manner.

Our faculty offers comprehensive study programmes for the development and application of interactive media. The combination of subject-knowledge and academic orientation results in excellent teaching, practice and research, maintained by a professional quality management system.

We live and work in the Black Forest. The hallmark of our degree programmes is an atmosphere of concentration and a study concept based on partnership, in a professional and technically all-encompassing environment. Close contact between teaching staff and students creates opportunities for intensive knowledge exchange and the promotion of teambuilding and soft skills not often found in a university environment.

We are open-minded, modern, all-rounders who work on workplace-related projects with prestigious business partners and within an international network of universities. From this point of view we can compete with any university worldwide.

Academic skills

Learning academic skills ensures that the results of academic work is objectively understandable for everyone. This requires information sources to be properly disclosed and cited and the planning and implementation of empirical investigations are described in detail. The basis and facts on which the author bases his or her argument must be clearly recognizable, and ones own research results must be clearly distinguishable from those of others.

Students at the Faculty of Digital Media are taught the following academic study skills:

  • Independent definition and limitation of topics and academic question
  • Planning and structuring of academic work
  • Knowledge of formal rules of preparing a manuscript
  • Researching
  • Academic clarity: correct citation and footnotes
  • Academic writing
  • Proofreading

The bachelor's or master's thesis represents the final assignment leading to the award of the degree. This allows students to prove that they have a broad overview of their field of study, that they can apply scientific methods and knowledge, and that they have gained the subject-knowledge required for the workplace.