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Streaming Media Lab

GLFtv - we like it when you watch us

Purpose of Lab

GLF Campus TV (Gute Laune Furtwangen), an internet TV channel for students by students, is produced in the Streaming Media Lab. During the semester GLF Campus TV broadcasts a one-hour live programme every Tuesday at 7.00pm which is presented by 2 hosts. There are no restrictions on the themes presented, but the shows are mostly about events in Furtwangen and the university. GLF Campus TV is based in the Faculty of Digital Media but functions as an information and communications medium for the whole university.

Lab Equipment

  • Portable production system for live events
  • 3x 3 CCD SD cameras
  • Portable light 300W, 650W
  • 16-channel audio mixer
  • 4x Lavalier microphones
  • Buzz compressor 
  • 4-channel compressor 
  • PC playback
  • Encoder PC 
  • Streaming server 
  • Web server 
  • 5 TByte RAID array


I 0.01 Furtwangen Campus