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Post-production Lab

Purpose of Lab

The post-production lab can be used for the comprehensive editing of video productions by digital media students in all degree programmes and semesters. The computer capacity necessary for 3D rendering, post-production and cutting, is available on regularly updated high performance workstations. The relevant software used meets professional standards. Thus productions can be realized under real life conditions throughout the study programme.

Lab Equipment

  • High performance workstations with multi-core processors and ample memory
  • 27" with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution
  • Nearfield monitors for sound monitoring
  • Adobe Creative Suite (current version)
  • Nuke/NukeX Post production Suite with various plug-ins (current versions)
  • Cinema4D (current version)
  • Cinema4D Net Render for editing complex render jobs using Renderfarm


I 0.08 Furtwangen Campus