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Computer Lab

Purpose of Lab

The Faculty of Digital Media has an IT pool which is available to all students of the Faculty. The IT Pool has 4 rooms: I 1.17, I 1.19 and L 2.07, L 2.08.

In our 4 pools students can put into practice, or go into in more depth, what they have learned in lectures. The pools are available during the fixed opening hours for students and teaching staff for lectures, project work and general work.

Pool Equipment

For academic use, the pools have identical, very quiet high-performance workstations with comprehensive software appropriate to the courses taught (standard 3D computer graphics and animations programs, design, film and video cutting programs, and other software packages). We offer more than 40 modern workstations for practicals, student work and projects. All workstations are equipped with  24“ TFT monitors and Nvidia graphic cards. Data projectors, boards and whiteboards can be used by teachers and students for further explanations.

Planned and current lectures deal with the programming of graphic shaders and computer games, visualization, deep learning, etc.


I 1.17 + I 1.19 + L 2.07 + L 2.08 Furtwangen Campus