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Digital Media (I7722)

Digital Media

Be a pioneer - become a professional

The Faculty of Digital Media at Furtwangen University (HFU) is a pioneer in the area of digital media. The introduction of the Computer Science in Media degree programme at HFU in 1990 marked the beginning of a success story that has continued with the introduction of our other leading-edge programmes, Online Media, Media Design, Interactive Media Design and MusicDesign.

Digital Media in Furtwangen,as a recognized centre for future media specialists, opens the door to the world of media. Specialists are more sought-after than ever in a world of growing media and internet applications. Furtwangen graduates have particularly good career prospects as our programmes focus on both theory and practice.

With advanced know-how and high-tech equipment in an environment which enables us to focus on quality and the needs of our students, the Faculty of Digital Media offers perfect study conditions. Currently around 850 students are taking degrees with us, with a near balance between men and women.


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