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Technical Computer Science – System on a Chip Lab

In the development of technical systems, there is a strong trend towards the networking and integration of as many system components as possible in a single chip. The systems thus become faster, more reliable, more secure and more mobile.

To meet these demands, freely configurable integrated switches, so-called FPGAs, are increasingly being used. These allow computer science software solutions to be combined with high quality parallel processing in hardware.

In the System on a Chip Lab, students learn about a modern, workplace-relevant field of technical computer science. They gain important skills in the planning and implementation of modern systems, such as the Internet of Things, Smart Home and Mobile Computing.

Purpose of Lab

  • Programming of software solutions in FPGAs
  • Design of application-specific processors using a programming language followed by immediate testing of processors
  • Integration of new hardware components over device drivers in operating system

Lab Facilities

  • Modern development environment for the prototyping and simulation of technical systems
  • Evaluation boards with FPGAs of various capacities



C 2.04 Furtwangen Campus