Software Engineering Lab

The Software Engineering Lab is set up to address the most important themes of practical Computer Science. The Lab can be used to put theory from lectures into practice and carry out practicals, semester projects and thesis work related to study modules such as programming, software engineering, user interfaces, databanks and software architecture.


There is a wide variety of infrastructure and equipment available. Besides programming environments (IDEs) for various programming languages, modeling tools, tools for requirements engineering, version administration, quality assurance and image processing, there are also office applications and planning tools.

Purpose of Lab

  • Planning, design, modeling, implementation and testing of software
  • Analysis of software applications, particularly software architectures
  • Workstations to carry out internal thesis work and projects

Lab Equipment

  • Powerful PCs and large monitors
  • Software engineering tools
  • 3D printer for project work


B 2.11 Furtwangen