Smart Home Lab

The Smart Home Lab is for the planning, implementation and research of technical procedures and various application scenarios in living quarters. The goal is to improve the living quality and safety of the house inhabitants by networking household and entertainment devices (e.g. lamps, blinds, cooker, fridge, video and audio components) and the automation of procedures, as well as to improve the life quality of elderly people with the aid of  "Ambient Assisted Living technologies. These devices can be spoken to and controlled over appropriate apps.

The Lab not only focuses on the networking of the Internet of Things and Smart Home devices, it is also used to examine the product management of possible future innovations.

Purpose of the Lab

  • Research projects
  • Projects and thesis work in the area of digital mobility and the Internet of Things

Lab Equipment

  • Four rooms (kitchen bathroom, living room and bedroom), which represent the various situations in a smart home. The rooms contain various networked devices and gadgets.
  • Pepper robots, particularly for Ambient Assisted Living applications
  • Hardware and software tools
  • Modern workstations


B 2.01 Furtwangen