Networks and IT Security Lab

Digitalization represents both enormous economic potential and enormous challenges. Spectacular cyber attacks on state and privately-owned business infrastructures or smartphones make it clear how important IT security and data protection is for the digital future. The security of critical IT infrastructures such as computer centres or networked transportation systems must be ensured at all times.

In the Networks and IT Security Lab our students learn more about the areas of cryptography, security management, different types of attacks, forensics and safety measures, and thus learn how to develop systems which meet the high and constantly expanding security needs of the networked world.

Purpose of the Lab

  • Use of methods to recognize faulty configurations in networks and computer systems and to recognize programming errors
  • Use of virtual resources to analyze network traffic, to play out attack scenarios and to carry out attacks against or defend against attacks on special services
  • Development of secure IT systems

Lab Equipment

  • Isolated network (Private Cloud) to carry out security-critical experiments
  • Typical network components and server hardware
  • Flexible infrastructure to produce preconfigured virtual machines
  • Tools to carry out analyses and attacks


C 2.16 Furtwangen